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Best Vegetarian Stories Of 2013

Written by Vegetarian Star on Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 in Animal Issues, Female Singers, Film & TV, Food & Drink, Journalists, Politicians, Reality TV.

Monopoly Cat

You’ve already been given the worst. Now it’s time to take a look at some of the best in vegetarian news and gossip of 2013.

#5 Monopoly Replaces Iron With Cat
After years of conquering Boardwalk and Park Place, players of the popular Hasbro game now have an animal-friendly token option. A cat based on a real life rescue story replaced the longtime Iron. Do not pass go…without stopping by the shelter for your pet.

#4 Vegetarian Cory Booker Elected to U.S. Senate
New Jersey mayor Cory Booker was elected to the U.S. Senate. Booker has been a vegetarian for about two decades. Like all great politicians, he’s already gotten his sex scandal out of the way. After Tweets between him and a stripper, a vegan “gentlemen’s club” named a veggie burger after him.


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Rachael Ray Week in a Day

Rachael Ray has always been one of the reigning queens of celebrity chef television.

Her latest cookbook, Week in a Day, is filled with dozens of recipes taken from her popular Food Network television show with the same name.

With the abundance of faux meats and cheeses and egg substitutes out there, it’s easy to veganize or vegify almost any recipe.

A blogger from Babble has done just that with a dish from Ray’s Week in a Day, Spicy Roasted-Tomato Marinara with Spaghetti Squash.


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Peter Siddle

“I like to say I’m more a plant-based diet rather than vegan; I do play a sport that uses leather and that type of thing.”

“The hardcore vegans would probably still hate me.”

–Test cricket athlete Peter Siddle during an interview. While we’re all hoping for universal pleather balls and rackets, if every vegan athlete were judged by his or her attire or equipment, the veg community would have no sports heroes. Irrational vegans hate him. Hardcore vegans are proud to have him in the movement.

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Russell Simmons Shares Vegan Virtues With Snoop Dogg (Video)

Written by Vegetarian Star on Monday, December 30th, 2013 in Food & Drink, Male Singers, Videos.

Snoop Dogg (who last time we checked was officially Snoop Lion), sat down with Russell Simmons for a discussion about lots of things, including going vegan.

There are several reasons why Simmons says he doesn’t “f*ck with no animal products.”


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Slice Of Celebrity Vegan Birthday Cake To (Drum Roll)

Written by Vegetarian Star on Monday, December 30th, 2013 in Birthdays, Female Singers.

Ellie Goulding

A big slice of vegan birthday cake goes out to the following vegetarian or vegan celebrities today.

Photo: Marple Bridge Photography/Creative Commons

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Tricks of the Trade Ashley Dupre

It’s time again for the best and worst in vegetarian gossip and news. Here are the top five most horrible moments that shame, insult and give a bad name to the veggie lifestyle.

#5. Ashley Dupre Says Don’t Date Vegan Men:
A former call girl for ex New York governor Elliot Spitzer says the worst man to date is a vegan one. “I don’t think I could trust a man who doesn’t eat red meat,” Dupre wrote in her book Tricks of the Trade. Like, trust that he won’t pay for her services afterwards? Yes, vegan men make bad lovers. What women really need are men that eat lots and lots of saturated fat and cholesterol filled meat that leads to impotence. Hey, at least it makes them less available to call girls.

#4 Cicely Tyson Eats Meat For Role:
A longtime vegetarian who likens feeding her body with good food to filling a car with the best fuel decides to eat meat while studying her character in A Trip to Bountiful. If living out the life of a role is required for good acting, better hope your neighbor isn’t auditioning for Hannibal.


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Judd Apatow

Can one celebrity inspire another to go veg?

Yes, but it may be harder to teach them to do it in a healthy manner.

Judd Apatow has James Cromwell to thank for trying the plant-based diet that he was able to maintain for about a year.

Unfortunately, the three veggie pizzas a day diet isn’t the best for most metabolisms, even if there’s no meat on them.


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Carla Hall

Christmas dinners are equally about the smells as they are the tastes.

There’s nothing more pleasant than a kitchen filled with vegan aromas like dairy and egg-free desserts, a medley of vegetables enhanced with olive oil and spices and a well-seasoned plant-based protein dish.

Carla Hall must be just as fond of Christmas smells as she is the flavors, and she’s put together her own version of a potpourri to freshen up your household for the holidays.


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