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David Duchovny Holy Cow

There were tons of great veggie stories in 2015. Here’s a look at some of the best.

#5 IKEA Launches Vegetarian Meatballs.
The home decor store with an eat-in restaurant had some bad press for the alleged horse meat in its regular meatballs. Now vegetarians can say “neigh” (groan) to any meat when they shop for that special table with the name that’s just as difficult to read as the instructions in its assembly manual.

#4 Morrissey Gives First In-Person Interview in Decade.
Ten years is a long time. Especially when you haven’t talked vegggie in person. The Smiths former singer came back and gave the world a few lessons on why they should never be hungry enough to eat animal flesh on Larry King Now.

#3 White Castle Goes Vegan.
Now when Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, they can order vegan buns too. The Dr. Praeger patty the fast-food chain served now comes with vegan buns for a totally veggie experience.

#2 Beyonce and Trainer Launch Vegan Meal Service.
All the single ladies. There’s nothing more booty-licious than plant-based meals designed by the trainer that whipped Beyonce’s rear into great shape. Now with Marco Borges 22 Days Nutrition meal delivery service, B’s fans can enjoy some of her favorite vegan dishes and eat like a celebrity in their own home.

#1 David Duchovy Pens Holy Cow Book.
All those long nights rewriting English papers paid off. David Duchovny can now add famous author of vegeterian novel about a cow moving to India after learning the horrors of American factory farms to his IMDB profile. This book covers vegetarianism, animal cruelty, environmental issues AND satire and anthropomorphism. Those Princeton professors must be proud!

Have a happy and very veggie New Year and see you in 2016!

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