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Who Would You: Peter Rojas Or Max Levchin-The Tech Nerd Edition

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, December 31st, 2008 in Business, Polls/Surveys, Who Would You.

For the final Who Would You Poll of 2008, we’re doing it geek on geek. Peter Rojas co-founded Engadget and Gizmodo, where you have all your nerd techie toys reviewed. Max Levchin created Pay Pal so you can buy those gadgets off eBay after they’ve become outdated-like within a couple of weeks or so after the original owner purchased them. Both are sexy meatless geeks who have loads of money in the bank. So who would you rather do…

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Who Would You Do Veggie Burger Lunch With?

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Worst Veggie Stories Of 2008

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, December 31st, 2008 in Chefs, Male Musicians, Male Singers, Politicians, Reality TV.

If Newton’s 3rd Law applies to news, then if we bring you the Best Of Veggie 2008, ultimately, we have to discuss the worst. And they’re really bad. But in order of fairness, here goes…

#5: Andre 3000 Is Cheap-After bending over backwards to get him a vegan meal prepared, Andre’s waiter didn’t even get tipped! The carnis already say we’re weird and demanding. Now they’re gonna call us cheap. Thanks Andre.

#4:Amazing Race Sheep Butt Eating Incident-Vegetarian Terence Gerchberg was athletic, smart, and a promising part of the duo Terence and Sarah on Amazing Race this past season. So sad that he got taken out by sheep ass.

#3: Paula Deen’s Ham Delivery-25,000 pounds of pork nastiness delivered in the name of charity. At least we got Heather Mills donating veggie burgers to balance off this Karma.

#2: Gordon Ramsay Vegetarian Children Nightmare-The celebrity chef said his worst fear is one of his children coming home and telling him he or she is a vegetarian. In fact, this would cause Ramsay so much distress, he said he would promptly put them on a fence and electrocute them. Nice.

#1: Sarah Palin Thanksgiving Turkey Slaughter-Palin gave the meaning of “know where your food is coming from” a whole different twist as she did an interview with turkeys getting killed just over her shoulder. Wonder how many converted (to vegetarianism) after seeing this, uh, miracle?

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Best Veggie Stories Of 2008

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, December 31st, 2008 in Actresses, Chefs, Female Musicians, Female Singers, Models.

Heather Mills Named Honorary Chair Of Hunts Point Alliance For Children

Hope your New Year’s party plans are coming along well and your crib is stocked full of veggie goodies for the big celebration. Every one’s doing a “best of” list for 2008, so it makes sense for us to bring you a few of our favorites, which were some of the most heavily trafficked posts this year. Drum roll please…

Honorable Mention: 111 Year Old Woman Attributed Long Life To Vegetarianism-Aida May was not a celebrity, per se, but she should be a role model to anyone who wants to unlock the key to a long, healthy life!

#5: Kellie Pickler Turned Vegetarian-With the help of Idol alum Carrie Underwood and PETA queen Pamela Anderson, Miss Pickler is now a part of the Idol veg club. Which is a good thing since Ruben Studdard has fallen off the wagon.

#4: Rachael Ray BOB: Rachael Ray’s newest cookbook, Big Orange Book, has an entire chapter devoted towards vegetarian food. She did this after listening to her fans on the road that demanded more of these recipes.

#3: Anne Hathaway Became A Quitter: After an on again/off again relationship with the veg life, soon after Anne dumped her con ex boyfriend, she picked up tofu again.

#2: Pamela Anderson Tries Vegan KFC: Pammie visited a KFC in her home country of Canada, which now serves a vegan faux chicken patty. It won’t make every one happy, but it is a significant step towards making vegan food available in mainstream restaurants.

#1: Heather Mills Donates A Million Dollars Worth Of Veggie Food To Charity: Because everyone deserves the opportunity to eat vegetarian food, regardless of socio-economic status. Heather did a wonderful deed by donating veggie burgers, veggie dogs, and all sorts of goodies-she even showed up at an event to grill some of it.

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Meatless Mouthful: Moby Says The Times They Are A-Changin’

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, December 31st, 2008 in Male Musicians, Male Singers, Meatless Mouthful.

2008 mtvU Woodie Awards - Backstage

“When I was a vegan 15 or 20 years ago, it was a lot more difficult. First of all, no one knew what the word “vegan” meant and there weren’t very many [veg] restaurants. When it came to traveling it was especially hard, but now almost every decent-sized city has health-food stores and vegetarian restaurants; people do seem a lot more receptive to the notion of someone being a vegan now than they were 20 years ago.”

—-Vegan musician Moby, in an interview with Veg News on how the world has become more accepting of a vegan diet.

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Chelsea Clinton Has Vegetarian Menu Named After Her

Written by Vegetarian Star on Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 in Food & Drink, Politicians.

The School Of American Ballet Hosts The Third Annual Winter Ball

Avril Lavigne may think she’s something with the pizza named after her in her hometown in Canada, but she’s got nothing on Chelsea Clinton, who’s got an entire vegetarian menu with her brand on it.

When her father former President Bill visited a tandoori restaurant located in the Maurya Sheraton Hotel in India, he said he wished he had two stomachs, according to the New York Times. His flattery got him a menu as well, but he’s on the meat list.

If you recall, Chelsea went vegan during her White House dwelling days and even took professional cooking lessons before going off to Standford where she learned to make awesomely delicious vegan meals like Thai Spiced Sweet Potato Soup With Gingered Bok Choy.

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Rise Against’s Brandon Barnes Missed Sarah Palin’s Slaughter Show

Written by Vegetarian Star on Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 in Male Musicians.

It’s just as well. He probably would have demanded his money back anyway.

Drummer Brandon Barnes in the all vegetarian band Rise Against said he didn’t watch the infamous video of Sarah Palin doing an interview with turkeys getting slaughtered in the background. You see, he’s not a fan, so he didn’t TiVo it or anything.

“No, I missed that,” he told Blog Critics. “Rise Against are not huge fans of Sarah Palin, but it doesn’t surprise me that she would do that. She doesn’t seem to be in control of a lot [of] the things she does, she’s had a lot of slips here and there.”

Yeah, tell us about it. She’ll be slipping up even more with all that wet snow being thrown at her lately.

Photo: Rise Against-Brandon Barnes by greendaii on Flickr

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Heather Mills Will Cook For You

Written by Vegetarian Star on Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 in Food & Drink, Models.

Heather Mills Named Honorary Chair Of Hunts Point Alliance For Children

Heather Mills has been quiet these past few months, but she’s back on the scene hoping to silence you by stuffing you full of vegan food.

Paul McCartney’s ex is participating in a charity auction where she has promised to cook the winners “a healthy yummy amount of food,” according to Charity Buzz. The only catch is you have to follow her around for an entire day and listen to her talk to you about healthy vegan diet tips. Not too bad for a home cooked vegan meal!

While the two lucky winners are visiting alternative health clinics with Heather in either New York or London, she will share diet and life skills, such as stress management. At the end of the day, it’s pig out time, vegan style!

The auction benefits New York Coalition For Healthy School Food (NYCHSF), a nonprofit that’s trying to get the junk off children’s plates, both in the school cafeteria and at home. NYCHSF advocates plant based and local and organic foods as well as educate students on nutrition. Good for them, for advocating plant based foods. We hear they’re still teaching some baloney (bad pun) about meat being one of the main food groups.

You have until January 8 to bid on a day with Heather. Hope you win and if you do, you’ll have to give us your opinion on her cooking. We need to know, in case she ever decides to finally come out with her vegan food line.

via Look To The Stars

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Nigella Lawson Would Love A Dog Or A Cat…Just Kidding Guys

Written by Vegetarian Star on Monday, December 29th, 2008 in Chefs, Fur, Not So Vegetarian.

Saatchi Gallery - Launch Party

It has been suggested that celebrity chef Nigella Lawson stick to cooking and leave the humor to someone else.

On BBC1 radio’s The One Show, she made a comment that angered many animal rights activist, saying that going into a store and buying a fur coat is a “moment of weakness,” but “if I could go out into the woods and kill a bear myself, I would then wear it proudly as a trophy.”

Is this Sarah Palin of the UK?

The interviewer, Andrian Chiles asked her, “For celebrities who do wear fur, if they started skinning little dogs and strapping those on their backs, would they feel any differently?” Lawson then replied, “I’d love a dog or a cat.”

Her spokesperson later explained that the comment was meant to be a joke, but oh, how others don’t share the same sense of humor.

Viva! deputy director, Justin Kerswell:

“Nigella should stick to making double entendres about puddings. Most fur comes from animals farmed in appalling conditions. Much of it from China where there are no animal welfare laws and horrific cruelty is an everyday occurrence.”

A spokesman for Respect for Animals, an organization which campaigns against the fur trade:

“Her comments were callous and lacked any human decency. It was an astonishing thing to say on live television. If she could see the way in which bears and other animals are killed in the wild, she wouldn’t have been so flippant.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals:

“Nigella’s comments were ill-judged and show her in an unattractive light.”

We are starting to get the point.

Finally,  her spokesperson cleared things up:

”She was pointing out that, if you are a meat eater, you need to know where your food is from and the same goes for what people wear.”

via This Is London

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