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Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is gearing up for the third season of Through The Wormhole, a series on Science that explores the many relationships between science, philosophy, mankind and the universe.

Freeman narrates each episode and tonight he’ll guide viewers through the question of whether a superior race exists.

Some say humans are so intelligent because their ancestors ate meat, which provided nutrients essential for brain development. This theory will be covered, as Freeman explained.

“We discuss the idea of a superior race coming here,” he said in an interview with The Wrap. “Professor Michio Kaku has an interesting discussion on it. Intelligence apparently requires an enormous amount of protein. Which is why we eat meat. Instead of being vegetarians. We have this enormous brain capacity.”

But when asked if meat eaters were still intellectually superior, Freeman was hesitant.

“Ehhh. You don’t want to get me in trouble here. … I don’t know. The question is evolutionary. Whoever is a vegetarian today, they didn’t evolve as vegetarians. They became vegetarians.”

Whether meat was essential for the human race thousands of years ago may never be decided, but one thing’s for sure today. Protein is everywhere and in every form other than meat. If men and women needed meat in the Stone ages because there wasn’t a Whole Foods or even a 7-Eleven that stocked tofu or cans of black beans, that’s definitely not the case anymore.

Evolution is not only about becoming superior–it’s also about leaving behind functions/traits that are no longer useful and not advantageous for survival.

Saturated animal fat, hormones, preservatives and other factors linking meat to disease makes those who choose to consume heavy amounts of it regress back to their Neanderthal relatives.

Through the Wormhole premieres tonight at 10PM E/P on Science.

Photo: David Sifry/Creative Commons

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2 Responses to “Morgan Freeman On Vegetarian V. Meat Eater Intelligence”

  1. omnivorous j Says:

    One thing defeats that entire theory. Elephants.

  2. Maria Fernanda Says:

    Depending on how your body metabolizes protein, one can extract enough good protein from many sources other than living beings. Parasites do this: kill in order to survive.
    Humans, differently from other animals, can choose. Vegans choose to let others live and try to find other sources of protein. Isn’t it enough evolving?

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