Quantcast Vegetarian StarChace Crawford Butchers Vegetarian Heart In “Peace, Love And Misunderstanding”


Chace Crawford plays a butcher named Cole in a film about an uptight, conservative lawyer Diane (Catherine Keener) who pays a visit to her hippie mother (Jane Fonda) she hasn’t seen in two decades.

Diane has a daughter Zoe (Elizabeth Olsen) who apparently takes after grandma, as she’s vegetarian, but still falls for Cole.

Unfortunately vegetarian ladies, although Crawford doesn’t butcher in real life, you’d have to be a Zoe to fall for him because he does eat meat. But the film did make him explore the idea of where it comes from.

From the interview:

Q: Do you share the same philosophy with your character about meat?

CC: (laughs) I guess so, yeah. Is Jane’s character a vegetarian? I remember we discussed it a little bit. But being from Texas (laughs), I’m not too picky about my meat.

CC: Actually, I learned a lot, to be honest. Like the place we shot at, and there a couple places in the city that I’ve been to, that has had their name up on the list where they get their meat from organically grown farms. But as far as actually butchering and cutting the meat, I learned nothing.

Darn. Maybe if Crawford had gone to “chopping school,” as Shockya puts it, he’d learn more than he’d ever want to and ask Zoe to throw together some sort of seitan steak and potato dish.

Of course in real life, he’d never ogle Zoe anyway, as he’s revealed he only has eyes for sexy Big Macs.

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