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Ah…Look at that wonderful Gateway Drug.

Vegetarian Star was started to bring you the best in meatless celebrity news and gossip. We publish stories on both veg and non-veg celebs when the theme centers around vegetarianism.

Although we strive to bring the latest news and gossip, we like to think of ourselves as an Utne Reader vs. TMZ, meaning we publish stories that are both hours old as well as those which discuss news that may have happened awhile back as long as it is still relevant. Chances are, you haven’t heard about it, until you’ve read the Vegetarian Star!

If you have a news tidbit you’d like to share or if you’re a blogger or writer with a story to tell, please contact via email at vgstarinfo [at] gmail [dot] com. We’d love to publish your goodies and give you a link back to your own blog!

Thanks so much for checking us out!