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Tricks of the Trade Ashley Dupre

It’s time again for the best and worst in vegetarian gossip and news. Here are the top five most horrible moments that shame, insult and give a bad name to the veggie lifestyle.

#5. Ashley Dupre Says Don’t Date Vegan Men:
A former call girl for ex New York governor Elliot Spitzer says the worst man to date is a vegan one. “I don’t think I could trust a man who doesn’t eat red meat,” Dupre wrote in her book Tricks of the Trade. Like, trust that he won’t pay for her services afterwards? Yes, vegan men make bad lovers. What women really need are men that eat lots and lots of saturated fat and cholesterol filled meat that leads to impotence. Hey, at least it makes them less available to call girls.

#4 Cicely Tyson Eats Meat For Role:
A longtime vegetarian who likens feeding her body with good food to filling a car with the best fuel decides to eat meat while studying her character in A Trip to Bountiful. If living out the life of a role is required for good acting, better hope your neighbor isn’t auditioning for Hannibal.

#3 Mostly Vegan Jenny McCarthy Does Carl’s Jr. Chicken Salad Ad:
The folks with the PR ad said that although Jenny was “mostly vegan,” she just couldn’t resist the fast food chain’s meaty salad. And its money.

#2 Alice Cooper Says Music Sucks Without Meat:
The rock musician puts down a few bands and says today’s generation of musicians needs to “eat a steak” to get some “blood pumping in their system.” Apparently, no one is making the hits that he made years ago like the one that goes, “I’m Eighteen and I Say Stupid Things If I Want.”

#1 Lily Allen Advertises Pig Slaughter In Name of Fan on Twitter:
The British singer who’s been bashed for wearing real fur offered to name a pig after one of her fans on Twitter before it went to slaughter. All we can say to that is:

1. It doesn’t make us “Smile” and
2. F*ck her, f*ck her very very much.

Stay tuned for the best vegetarian stories of 2013 later this month.

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