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Victoria’s Secret Angels Dine On Plant-Based Food

Written by Vegetarian Star on December 12th, 2015 in Food & Drink, Models.


Being an angel can be costly, but if it keeps you looking like a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model, it’s worth it.

Food World News reports that the ladies of the runway are fed a diet prepared by Sakara Life, an all-natural eatery that specializes in vegetarian and plant-based foods.

At $109 per day, you know the food must taste heavenly.

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Pamela Anderson Does Sexy Vegan Cake Making For “Love “

Written by Vegetarian Star on December 6th, 2015 in Actresses, Food & Drink.


Vegan baking is so much more fun when it’s sexy.

There’s no better woman to put the extra spice in the kitchen than longtime animal advocate and vegan actress Pamela Anderson.

The almost 50-year old who doesn’t look a day over 30 dances in the kitchen like a 1950s B-movie star–complete with a beehive wig, silky lingerie, knickers and suspenders–for the UK fashion magazine LOVE.

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Moby has made a comeback in the vegan restaurant world like a one hit wonder 80s band makes a comeback in 2015.

Okay, so Teany was more than a one hit wonder.

But vegans in the LA area will still appreciate that the long pause between his business endeavors has ended.

His new restaurant, Little Pine, located near his home in Los Angeles, will feature a variety of delicious entrees and be a completely relaxed environment with one important rule:

No Moby music allowed!

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Thanksgiving at the Eisenberg‘s may be a lot like yours.

The actor who told Conan he was mostly vegetarian recounted holidays where he celebrates what his family calls “Thanksliving.”

If that sounds a little hard to comprehend, just take Eisenberg’s advice to Conan.

“It’s just one letter difference,” Eisenberg said over audience laughter.

One letter, plus some information about factory farmed turkeys, adopting live turkeys and delicious plant-based alternatives.

All this is explained in the humorous segment.

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Nikki Reed has launched a sustainable fashion line with designer Morgan Bogle.

Bogle is known for his Freedom for Animals brand, which aims to promote awareness of environmentally friendly fashion.

The Nikki X Freedom for Animals collection consists of three bags, all made from 100% locally-sourced polyurethane.

Admitting to her love for leather, the Twilight actress explains how buying synthetic material is a step in the right direction.

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Tal Ronnen has completed a new cookbook named after his LA restaurant, Crossroads.

A vegan chef who has prepared meals for almost every celebrity who’s expressed an interested in a plant-based diet offers ideas that are similar to what you’d find in his restaurant and definitely not what you’d find in the standard meat serving establishment that offers the salad plate for the vegetarian offering.

“Restaurants get it wrong all the time by serving fake meat that doesn’t interest meat eaters, or a vegan plate that’s little more than an uninspired pile of vegetables,” Ronnen writes in Crossroads.

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White Castle Goes Vegan

Written by Vegetarian Star on October 5th, 2015 in Business, Food & Drink, Restaurants.


White Castle has gone vegan!

Okay, okay, just kidding.

We’re just talking about its veggie slider buns.

The fast food chain has decided to use vegan buns to accompany its already vegan burgers.

That’s worthy of an award from PETA!

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Years ago it was the milkshakes.

Now it’s the chickpea fritters that bring all the boys (and the girls) to Kelis‘ yard.

The singer has a brand new cookbook out, My Life on a Plate: Recipes from Around the World, and it’s filled with recipes that reflect her heritage growing up as well as other favorite ethnic cuisines.

…Story continues on Meatless Monday Recipe–Kelis Spinach And Chickpea Fritters With Yogurt Cucumber Sauce

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