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Actress Jaime King, known for her roles in Pearl Harbor and Sin City, has collaborated with ColourPop Cosmetics to create a line of vegan-friendly makeup.

The brand, Alchemy, is touted as travel-friendly in addition to being free from animal ingredients.

The 12-piece kit consists of two highlighters, three eyeshadows, two lip colors with matching lip liners, two sculpting sticks and a blush. Colors schemes range from neutral to bronze and include classic red lipstick.

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Giorgio Armani Eliminates Fur From Fashion Lines

Written by Vegetarian Star on March 22nd, 2016 in Fashion.


Giorgio Armani has announced it will end the use of fur in its fashion lines.

Armani, 81-years old, cited the changes in technology that allow for a finished product to reflect a high-end and quality look without cruelty.

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SeaWorld Phasing Out Whale Breeding Program

Written by Vegetarian Star on March 22nd, 2016 in Animal Issues.

In what many animal rights activists are calling a victory, SeaWorld has agreed to phase out its whale captivity breeding program.

Instead, the popular water park will direct its efforts towards, “new, inspiring, natural orca encounters” with educational programs emphasizing enrichment, exercise and health with its remaining killer whales,” said CEO Joel Manby.

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“I’ve been a vegan for two years, so that’s helped my already good-looking self.  I think that eating healthy is important.”

“We have to be about making our planet more greener, the urban areas more sustainable for the children. We can’t just talk about it, we have to be about it.”

–legendary musician Stevie Wonder.

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Pamela Anderson Launches Vegan Shoes

Written by Vegetarian Star on February 27th, 2016 in Actresses, Fashion.


Pamela Anderson may be better at promoting things without instead of with clothing and her new vegan shoe line is no different.

The actress and animal rights advocate has unveiled her foot fashions wearing little more than the actual product.

Instead of adding designer to her CV, Anderson would prefer to call her latest project another form of activism.

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Ben And Jerry’s Launch Vegan Ice Cream

Written by Vegetarian Star on February 15th, 2016 in Business, Food & Drink.


The Cherry Garcia lovers that went vegan now have four flavors that rock as good as the late rock legend.

Ben and Jerry’s has launched new flavors of ice cream that also happen to be non-dairy.

This is in addition to the company’s many other sustainable initiatives like non-GMO ingredients, cage-free eggs and eco-friendly packaging.

The New York Post has given its opinion on the line that includes Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chunkey Monkey, Coffee Caramel Fudge and P.B. Cookies.

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As you’ve read before on this site, rappers and vegan cooking go together like Kid N’ Play. Or Dr. Dre and Snoop. [Feel free to insert any other famous duo].

Waka Flocka and Raury get together in the kitchen to demonstrate vegan blueberry muffins for today’s Meatless Monday recipe.

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David Duchovny Holy Cow

There were tons of great veggie stories in 2015. Here’s a look at some of the best.

#5 IKEA Launches Vegetarian Meatballs.
The home decor store with an eat-in restaurant had some bad press for the alleged horse meat in its regular meatballs. Now vegetarians can say “neigh” (groan) to any meat when they shop for that special table with the name that’s just as difficult to read as the instructions in its assembly manual.

#4 Morrissey Gives First In-Person Interview in Decade.
Ten years is a long time. Especially when you haven’t talked vegggie in person. The Smiths former singer came back and gave the world a few lessons on why they should never be hungry enough to eat animal flesh on Larry King Now.

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