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Frances Fisher

“I am a vegan. I don’t drink caffeine or alcohol, and I do not eat gluten. Forgive and be grateful.”

Frances Fisher, actress on the new ABC drama Resurrection, on her secrets for beauty and health.

Photo: Tomdog/Creative Commons

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Mayim Bialik sat down with Rachael Ray to discuss her life as an actress, mom, scientist and chef.

Bialik has published her first cookbook, Mayim’s Vegan Table.

The Big Bang Theory actress has stated that she’s all about simple ingredients and her Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes are so easy to make, even a novice vegan or carnivore could master them.


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Ariana Grande

“In America, almost everybody thinks you need to have meat for protein. Protein, protein, protein! And what’s in dairy? Calcium, calcium, calcium. Look, cows produce milk with nutrients for cows. Maybe that’s why Americans end up looking like cows!”

Ariana Grande, in an interview with V magazine.

Photo: David Shankbone/Creative Commons

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Mayim Bialik visited TODAY to discuss the issue of young girls and body image for the show’s segment, “Love Your Selfie.”

While growing up, many teen girls will look for advice on dieting and healthy weight.

A plant-based diet is a great way to maintain a fit figure and Bialik, a longtime vegetarian/vegan who has had roles in Hollywood since adolescence, is a good voice for them to listen to.


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The lovely ladies that starred in Beyonce‘s “Yonce” video are just as good at cooking as they are at dancing.

Chanel Iman and Joan Smalls joined Jourdan Dunn for her cooking show, “Well Done With Jourdan Dunn,” to demonstrate one of the healthy plant-based meals B couldn’ve eaten during her 22-day vegan challenge.


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Meatless Monday Recipe–The Shirley Temple Drink

Written by Vegetarian Star on Monday, February 17th, 2014 in Actresses, Food & Drink, Meatless Monday Recipe, Recipes.

Shirley Temple

Most beverages without milk or cream are vegan (with the exception of alcohol that is filtered with animal ingredients), so a mixed drink for a Meatless Monday recipe doesn’t at first sound all that novel or interesting.

But this drink concocted after one of America’s greatest acting legends, Shirley Temple, is not only refreshing, but also provides an opportunity to throw in a few healthful kicks in the punch.


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Meatless Mouthful–Ashley Argota Goes Vegetarian

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 in Actresses, Food & Drink, Meatless Mouthful.

Ashley Argota

“So I stopped eating meat a week ago, & besides slightly craving Chick Fil A right now, I’m feelin’ pretty good about this decision.”

–Nickelodeon actress Ashley Argota on her decision to stop eating meat. Best of luck to her and hope she finds herself a chickless-fil-A to satisfy those cravings!

–Photo: Ilya Haykinson/Creative Commons

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Mayim Bialik Gives Tips For Turning Kids On To Veggies

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 in Actresses, Children, Food & Drink.

Mayim's Vegan Table

If Mayim Bialik‘s new cookbook, Mayim’s Vegan Table, isn’t enough to make the children fall in love with vegetarian foods, the Big Bang Theory actress has more tips to help turn them on to plant-based eating.

In an article for the popular health and wellness site, Everyday Health, Bialik gives her suggestions for making sure the little ones learn to love what’s green.


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