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After The Fire Killing Turns British Officer Vegetarian

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 in Authors.


Day Two: Edinburgh Book Festival 2008

There are different reasons a person decides to go veg, including witnessing the brutality and killing of beings.

In Karen Campbell’s new book, After The Fire, a British firearms officer, Jamie Worth, shoots and kills an unarmed teenage girl on Glasgow’s south side.

The event is so traumatizing, he stops eating meat and eggs because those objects were once alive, thus reminding him of the life he took.

To do her research for the book, Campbell interviewed real life British firearms officers who had suffered some of the same psychological events.

Campbell herself was a vegetarian in college and participated in animal rights marches.

After serving in law enforcement, Campbell returned home to raise her daughters and launch her novelist career. 

Source: Sunday Herald

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Anjelica Huston Speaks On Travis The Ape Tragedy

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 in Actresses, Animal Issues, Videos.

2009 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

“I was saddened to hear about the incident involving the chimpanzee, Travis, and my heart goes out to the woman who is now lying in a hospital bed as a result of this horrific attack.”

“Recently, I narrated a video for PETA about the abuse that chimpanzees and other great apes endure when they are ripped away from their mothers when only days old to be used in commercials (as Travis was) and movies. Although I was sick when I heard about this most recent incident, I wasn’t surprised.”

“I sincerely hope that this tragedy will make people realize that great apes should never be kept as pets or exploited for films, television, or advertising. Their lives are miserable from the day that they are taken from their mothers: They endure abusive training—usually beatings—until they are cast off to roadside zoos or meet a violent end, as Travis did in this tragic case.”

The video Anjelica narrated is below. 

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Both singers are due for some vegan birthday cake this month. Both can belt out a soulful tune. So between Michael Bolton and Erykah Badu, who would you rather do…

2009 Film Independent Spirit Awards - Arrivals
3rd Annual Black Girls Rock! Awards

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Anthony Bourdain: Vegans Love And Hate Him

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 in Chefs.

Discovery Upfront Event

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is not exactly known for his love of vegetarian food. After all, the guy praises foie gras.

He likes vegetables, but prefers them “cooked in duck fat or bacon”.

But he is against fur and animal testing. So maybe that’s why vegetarians and vegans like him.

“You know, that’s something that has surprised me,” he said in an interview with MyDesert.com.

“The number of vegetarians or even vegans who come to my shows and books signings and are actually nice to me. I don’t get it.”

The folks at Hezbollah Tofu like to mimic his recipes without using animal products. Money raised through the events will go to an animal charity in his name, which he has no problem with. He’s for saving cute animals. He’s even for saving the ugly ones.

“I’m against fur. I’m not a guy who would hunt for sport, even though I know people who do it certainly. As far as testing cosmetics on animals, I’m totally against it. But obviously we have some fundamental differences in foie gras and medical testing and things like that. But who’s against saving cute animals — or even not cute animals? Nobody.”

But ah, let’s not forget that Anthony will be Anthony and when it comes to describing vegetarians, he really does have no reservations. From page 70 of his book, Kitchen Confidential:

“Vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans, are a persistent irritant to any chef worth a damn.”

Be sure to get an autograph next time, little Hezbollah-like irritants.

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Jamie Bamber Shows His Full Fleet In Protest Against Fur

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 in Actors, Fur.

jamiebamberuk300_reduced Battlestar Galactica actor Jamie Bamber, who played Lee “Apollo” Adama, is currently starring in a new role as the half naked man urging the Queen’s guards not to put any clothes on either.

Because uniformed guards are sexy, but naked guards are even better.

Technically, he’s urging the Queens’ guards not to put any fur on-their heads. The hats worn by the guards are made from Canadian black bear fur. And as you probably guessed, the bears weren’t just given a “haircut” and sent back into the wilderness.

It takes an entire bear hide to make a single cap.

“I initially decided to do the PETA ad because a great friend of mine in L.A., Lucy Davis, had just done a similar ad, and I love Lucy and it was a cause I didn’t know about – I’ll be honest,” Bomber said in an interview.

“So as soon as Lucy opened my eyes, I was thrilled to join her and do my bit.”

“The obvious alternative is to make caps out of faux fur. You know, use synthetic materials to avoid killing a beautiful animal. They’re not to keep warm. It’s not particularly freezing outside Buckingham Palace. You could wear something else. And you could certainly wear faux fur.”

Bamber isn’t the first celebrity to take an interest in the hats the guards wear. US singer Pink has also expressed her concern.

You can sign a petition urging officials to use hats from faux fur. Apparently, all the talk is working. The Minister of Defense has said it was open to the idea of a synthetic material that can be worn in all weather.

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Linda McCartney Brand Redesign Creates Food To Come Home To

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 in Business, Food & Drink.

Paul And Linda

When the McCartneys get together for a family event, they often enjoy the vegetable roast as a meal.

Now, after several months of reinventing the brand, the Linda McCartney food line, named after Paul’s late wife, is giving other families a chance to come home and enjoy quick, meatless meals at the dinner table.

“Food to Come Home To,” is the new slogan for the food line, which is complete with new packaging and labeling by Irving Designs, with help from the McCartney family, including photographer Mary.

Some aspects of the package remain the same, such as the heart motif, personally drawn by Linda. Of course, the delicious food inside the package hasn’t changed either.


“The previous packaging was not communicating the benefits of the product or the guideline daily amounts, and had no communications on the front edge of the pack,” Irving creative director and founder Julian Roberts said.

Besides a new look, the food line has also added three new meals: Thai green curry, Balti curry and Moroccan tagine.

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Fox Searchlight Oscar After Party - Inside

“I did not like the non-veg food here so I preferred to go in for vegetarian food. We were told that one can get Indian food if ordered. But it was time consuming and I managed with the available veg items for breakfast and meals.”
—Tanvi Lonkar (pictured left), who played the teenage lead role of ‘Slumdog’ lead actress Latika, on the food available for her to eat while in the US. Lonkar cited food as one of the adjustments she had to make in the United States.

Lonkar should also have no problem getting good veg food back home, if she chooses. After visiting the actress’ native country, India, the director of Slumdog Millionaire, Danny Boyle,  described it as “Vegetarian Nation.

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