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Carrie Underwood

It’s that time again.

The temperatures are reaching into the nineties, humans are sweating enough to fill an Olympic pool and your dogs are locking you outside your car.

Well, maybe not so much the last one.

But for country music singer Carrie Underwood, all three of those are now true.

Underwood Tweeted about a recent experience in which she had to shatter a window to get into her vehicle after her dogs accidentally locked themselves and her four month old son inside.


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Moby has recorded a new PSA for Best Friends Animal Society to promote adoption of shelter cats and dogs.

The vegan musician and singer has had more than his fair share of top hits, but he still bills this as “the best music video ever made. Ever. In the history of ever. Ever.”


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Ariana Grande Goes Vegan

Written by Vegetarian Star on Thursday, November 7th, 2013 in Actresses, Celebrity Tweets, Female Singers, Food & Drink.

Ariana Grande

Her name reminds you of a coffee shop drink and now she’ll be asking for soy milk in hers when she orders one.

Ariana Grande has made the announcement she’s gone completely vegan!

In a recent Twitter update, the singer posted:

“I’ve eaten organically since I was little and always kept meat minimal but today marks my first day as a 100% Vegan!!!! Joyous day”


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Simon Cowell Adopts Two Puppy Dogs And Posts Pics To Twitter

Written by Vegetarian Star on Monday, October 7th, 2013 in Animal Issues, Celebrity Tweets.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has delivered on the promise he made to his Twitter followers earlier in September.

The X Factor and former American Idol judge announced he was going to adopt a pair of dogs and invited fans to make suggestions on where to go.

“I am going to get two dogs when I get back. Probably cairn terriers. If any rescue shelters have some who need a home let me know.”


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Cory Booker Gets Veggie Burger Named For Him At Strip Club

Written by Vegetarian Star on Monday, September 30th, 2013 in Celebrity Tweets, Food & Drink, Politicians.

Cory Booker

Cory Booker exchanged a few messages with a dancer at Portland, Oregon’s famous vegan strip club, Casa Diablo.

Lynsie Lee told the Newark, New Jersey mayor:

“If you come to see me at @CasaDiablo tonight, bring your wallets. I’m prime meat for the next couple of days! ;)”

Politicians and sexy ladies always make news, but this time they’re also making something delicious!


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Sunny Obama Bo Obama

The Obama family has one new member.

Sunny, a Portuguese Water dog, was born a little over a year ago and arrived at the White House today.

She’ll be keeping the family and staffers company while providing the older dog Bo–who’s also the same breed–a playmate.

Michelle Obama posted one of the first photos of Sunny on Twitter with the message:

“So excited to introduce the newest member of the Obama family — our puppy, Sunny!”


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Lisa Rinna

“Dirty Vegan means to me….. I allow some fish, some egg when I feel I need it. I just like to say it!”

Lisa Rinna, in a Tweet on her flexible approach to maintaining a vegan diet.

Go ahead. Get a little dirty if you have to. It still saves animals and keeps you and the planet healthier than living that filthy, meaty lifestyle.

Photo: The Heart Truth/Creative Commons

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Ellen DeGeneres To Host Oscars Again

Written by Vegetarian Star on Friday, August 2nd, 2013 in Celebrity Tweets, TV Hosts.

Ellen DeGeneres

Veggie Ellen DeGeneres will once again be the host of the Oscars ceremony.

The talk show host, comedian and animal welfare advocate was the host for the 2007 awards as well.

She’s already got her acceptance speech prepared, and she used her Twitter account to practice.


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