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Sam Kass Jamie Oliver Make “Food Tank” 11 Inspiring Sustainable Chefs

Written by Vegetarian Star on Thursday, July 4th, 2013 in Chefs, Food & Drink.

Chef Sam Cass

With so many chefs making headlines for bad news lately, it’s refreshing to hear stories of those who are making a difference in the health of children and adults across the country and the world.

Food Tank has named its “Eleven Inspiring Sustainable Chefs” who’ve made it their mission to teach America where its food comes from, support the local farmer, and encourage better eating patterns.


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The White House has seen some healthier changes over the past few years.

The Obamas have re-introduced growing your own vegetables with the First Lady’s garden on the South Lawn.

And former president Bill Clinton traded his cheeseburger loving habit for lentils and veggie burgers.

The center of the eating hub in the White House is always the chef and the Obama administration has had the pleasure of being fed by Sam Kass, who offered some favorite recipes from the famous house on Pennsylvania Ave. to Oprah’s magazine, O.


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Obama School Lunch Changes Gives More Vegetarian Opportunities

Written by Vegetarian Star on Thursday, August 30th, 2012 in Children, Food & Drink, Politicians.

USDA Nutritional Guidelines

This fall, school children across the country will have access to more fresh fruits and vegetables, more whole grains and more vegetarian options as part of the revamp of the USDA Nutritional Guidelines for School Lunches. The new standards are part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act signed into law by President Obama.

In addition, an initiative called a “friendlier food environment” will hopefully make things a lot easier for vegetarian school children, allowing them to access plant-based items like tofu and legumes, according to Agriculture Under Secretary for Food Kevin Concannon.


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Elmo visited the White House Kitchen,  in perfect timing for the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act being signed into law by President Obama, which is expected to bring changes to school menus that involve more fruits and vegetables and less processed food.

Elmo was there to experience the veggie burrito with beans, rice and peppers that White House chef Sam Kass whipped up prior to his arrival. When Elmo expresses concern about going to school because of the food, Kass reassures him there’s good food at school, adding, “Because of this new law that is passed, we’re going to make sure that all food is healthy,nutritious and delicious.”

While Kass’ statement is mostly true, as we noted recently, it may be harder to get a true vegetarian burrito at school than we hoped. Crossing our fingers all veg children will be able to do the “melon happy dance” that Elmo does when they get in the lunch line next year.

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“Let’s Cook” White House Video Puts Tofu Chili On America’s Menu

Written by Vegetarian Star on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 in Food & Drink, Videos.

A series of cooking videos titled Let’s Cook has been added to the White House’s program, “Let’s Move,” designed to get Americans healthier.

The first of the Let’s Cook videos feature White House chef Sam Kass and Chef Marvin showing you how to stretch food over days, such as making your own stock from leftover vegetable scraps, while incorporating healthier proteins like pastas, beans and tofu.

Yes, you heard it right. Tofu chili is on the menu, with Chef Marvin raving about how marvelous it is around minute 2:45, with the “Cooking With Tofu,” tip.

“You want something affordable and a good substitute for meat and can also put the protein on the table–tofu’s the answer.”

Watch to hear Chef Marvin give his tips for cooking the soybean.

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Paul McCartney May Play At The White House

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 in Male Musicians, Male Singers.

Paul McCartney Arrives Rock and Roll Ready At LAX!

Paul McCartney has hinted he may play for the Obamas soon.

According to green gossip site Ecorazzi, the vegetarian musician conducted an online chat where he hinted his next stop would be at Pennsylvania Avenue.

“There’s been some rumors and I think we can give you a clue. Think White House. Think playing… If there is an announcement mentioning the White House, remember where you heard it first.”


White House chef Sam Kass will surely be pulling up veggies from the South Lawn garden to whip up something deliciously meatless for the guest, if he should make the president’s home a stop on his tour.

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Sam Kass, Naomi Pomeroy Chefs To Watch Out For

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 in Chefs, Food & Drink.

Michelle Obama Governors' Dinner Preview in Washington

With Gordon Ramsay making a casting call for his new reality TV series about great cooks with no formal training, Master Chef, Stylecaster thought it’d be a good time to highlight a few of its favorite rising chefs.

“Here are the top 10 chefs to watch out for in 2010,” Tricia Ismail at Stylecaster.com writes.

“Watch out” is indeed the right phrase if you see Naomi Pomeroy heading for your kitchen.

A former vegetarian, Pomeroy is now head chef of Beast in Portland, Oregon where every beast appears on the menu.

From Stylecaster:

“This one-time vegetarian is now head chef at the restaurant Beast in Portland, Oregon where she is known for her steak tartare, foie gras bonbon, and chicken liver moose with candied bacon. Things have definitely changed–for the better.”

Or changed for the worse.

However, there is hope, as White House assistant chef Sam Kass is also on the way to fame.

Kass supported bringing the Farmer’s Market near the Pennsylvania Avenue area in D.C., keeps himself busy tending to produce in the White House organic garden, and will hopefully continue to carry out Michelle Obama‘s wish to encourage people to incorporate healthier, locally grown produce into their diets.

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Michelle Obama Vegetable Garden Gears Up For Winter

Written by Vegetarian Star on Friday, December 18th, 2009 in Food & Drink, Gardening, Politicians.

Michelle Obama and local students harvest the White House kitchen garden in Washington

The worst part about winter (besides being stuck in the snow, high heating bills and dry skin) is having to miss out on all the seasonal produce you now have to buy frozen.

Sam Kass and the rest of Michelle Obama‘s staff is protecting the White House organic garden this winter by using “hoop houses” that will help the cabbage, spinach, carrots and other produce absorb heat and protect from frost.

“Sugar doesn’t freeze, so spinach produces extra sugars in the winter to protect itself from frost,” Kass blogged. “It tastes almost like candy.”

Hmm…Is a veggie lover in the garden like a kid in a candy store?

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