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Bloomberg Nathan's Contest

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was caught celebrating the not-so-art of competitive eating at the recent Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest.

His action of cheering on the consumption of over 60 hot dogs in a day and even stuffing his own face with one did not by any means undermine his strong stance on keeping New Yorkers healthy, as the New York Daily News mentions he, “did not wash it down with a big soda.”

Thank goodness.

Bloomberg eating hot dog


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Bill Clinton made a guest appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight where he gave his thoughts on the soda ban New York City Mayor Bloomberg would like to implement.

Bloomberg would like to ban all soda drinks served over 16 ounces in various establishments like sports arenas and restaurants.

The former president who turned vegan to fight heart disease says he thinks Bloomberg is “doing the right thing.”

Clinton has worked with schools and soft drink companies to improve their lunch menus, including removing or limiting the available of soda in the cafeteria.

“We got a voluntary agreement from all the soft-drinks people to [pull full-calorie soft drinks from schools in 2006]. It has reduced by 88%, the total calories going to kids in vending machines and cafeterias” Clinton said.


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Boris Johnson and Jon Stewart discussed New York’s Mayor Bloombergs proposed ban on soda on a recent episode of The Daily Show.

Sure, soda is scandalous–it’s full of high-fructose corn syrup, empty calories and preservatives–but how does it’s illicitness compare, ounce per ounce, with the same serving of marijuana?

Using glasses filled with both, ahem, “products,” Johnson and Stewart joke that the fine for a restaurant serving a tall glass of “Coke,” (the legal kind) would be greater than a glass of the illegal plant.

Is this Big Brother looking after New Yorkers or just another attempt to curtail choice and freedom?


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2010 Comedy For A Cure To Benefit The Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance

Farm Sanctuary has commended the Rachael Ray Yum-o! sponsored program for helping to promote healthier, plant based items among students.

The program, which was recently unveiled by Ray and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, will give students access to gardens or allow them to construct a garden of their own and learn how their food makes it from seed to plate.

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Mayor Bloomberg’s Favorite Vegetable Is… from NYDN Brawl for the Hall on Vimeo.

New York city’s mayor Michael Bloomberg was recently out promoting vegetable gardens in schools.

He also promoted iceberg lettuce, which really shouldn’t have a PR staff, considering it’s got half of all the good vitamins and nutrients like Vitamin C, folate and beta carotene than other lettuces like romaine.

“It may not be fashionable, but it’s real American,” Bloomberg said of his lettuce preference.

Thankfully, with the help of Rachael Ray‘s Yum-o! organization, NYC students will get to plant more than iceberg lettuce in their school yards.

Yum-o! helps students either build a garden or connect to an already existing garden, as well as offer cooking and nutrition classes.

Of course, Bloomberg has other vegetables he likes.

Watch the clip to hear them.

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Mitt Romney Michael Bloomberg–Who Would You

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 in Politicians, Who Would You.

Never met a politician that didn’t like a seitan sandwich, or at least didn’t pretend to like one while campaigning in the raw foods and sustainable cotton clothing district of city X.

Two seemingly non vegetarian politicians have been caught in the public looking suspciously interested in at least practicing Meat Free Mondays.

Months ago, it was NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg voting “nay” on the steak while recently Mitt Romney struck at a pose at the mostly vegetarian Great American Health Bar.

It’s about giving the people what they want, and the American people are calling for an overhaul in the system that allows them to access healthy food.

Between Romney and Bloomberg, who would you rather have veggie burger lunch with to discuss how to make organic produce cheaper.

Mitt Romney and Ann Romney leaving at ''Late Night with David Letterman show'' New York 2010 Times Square New Year's Eve

Who Would You Rather Do Veggie Burger Lunch With?

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Mayor Bloomberg Opens Campaign Offices Across The City

Is Mayor Michael Bloomberg vegetarian? The New York Post is hinting so.

The wealthiest resident in New York city dined at Morton’s Steakhouse in Brooklyn eating “onion soup, broccoli and grilled asparagus.”

Sounds like Bloomberg pulled a Patrick Stump in the steakhouse.

Bloomberg sampled other treats, including the specially prepared for his  crew homemade empañadas, but refrained from eating meat and was “strictly vegetarian.”

If Bloomer is veggie, it would be great for him to come out of the veg closet and let New Yorkers know how awesome it is, even if he flexes.

Now how about putting NY Veg Day on the next city council agenda!

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