Quantcast Vegetarian StarPETA Asks Obama Daughters To Consider Pardoning All Turkeys

Barack Obama Family Portrait

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is hoping the President’s daughters can make an impact during their last two years living in the White House.

The group has written a letter to Sasha and Malia asking they urge their father to forgo the traditional annual turkey pardon and instead promote a plant-based diet.

“Obviously, you’re familiar with the horrible ways that people often treat others who are viewed as ‘different’ simply because of superficial physical differences or cruel traditions,” the group wrote. “This year, we would like to ask you to lend your powerful and influential voices to another group whose voices often go unheard: animals.”

The group suggests the girls use the opportunity to instead enjoy a vegetarian alternative to turkey such as the commercial faux meats or faux meat dinners on the market.

PETA discusses how not only would this decision help end animal suffering, but fight the climate change that is attributed to the raising of livestock for food.

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