Quantcast Vegetarian StarJon Stewart Boris Johnson Discuss Bloomberg Soda Ban (Video)

Boris Johnson and Jon Stewart discussed New York’s Mayor Bloombergs proposed ban on soda on a recent episode of The Daily Show.

Sure, soda is scandalous–it’s full of high-fructose corn syrup, empty calories and preservatives–but how does it’s illicitness compare, ounce per ounce, with the same serving of marijuana?

Using glasses filled with both, ahem, “products,” Johnson and Stewart joke that the fine for a restaurant serving a tall glass of “Coke,” (the legal kind) would be greater than a glass of the illegal plant.

Is this Big Brother looking after New Yorkers or just another attempt to curtail choice and freedom?

It’s no secret American has an obesity problem and junk food products like chips and soda are consumed more heavily with those affected by the epidemic. But there’s always room for healthy improvements, even for junk food. Sodas created with better ingredients, such as those sweetened with natural cane sugar and no preservatives could satisfy the craving for carbonation without putting a waistlines in jeopardy.

And Bloomberg has yet to announce a regulation of meaty entrees, even with his heart surgeries. Admitting to the New York Daily News he still indulges in B.L.T.s, he defended his actions by sayihg, “If you eat a hamburger, it fills you up. If you drink a 32-ounce cup of a full-sugared drink, it doesn’t fill you up. It just leaves you as hungry afterwards as before.”

Veggie burgers fill you up too. And they don’t leave your arteries begging for breathing room afterwards.

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