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Boris Johnson and Jon Stewart discussed New York’s Mayor Bloombergs proposed ban on soda on a recent episode of The Daily Show.

Sure, soda is scandalous–it’s full of high-fructose corn syrup, empty calories and preservatives–but how does it’s illicitness compare, ounce per ounce, with the same serving of marijuana?

Using glasses filled with both, ahem, “products,” Johnson and Stewart joke that the fine for a restaurant serving a tall glass of “Coke,” (the legal kind) would be greater than a glass of the illegal plant.

Is this Big Brother looking after New Yorkers or just another attempt to curtail choice and freedom?


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Paul McCartney Agrees–London Best Vegetarian City In World

Written by Vegetarian Star on Monday, December 7th, 2009 in Food & Drink, Male Musicians, Male Singers.

Paul McCartney gives a press conference at the European Parliament - Brussels

London was recently named the best city in the world to eat vegetarian by PETA, and musician and singer Paul McCartney couldn’t agree more.

”After 40 years of touring as a vegetarian, I’m proud to say that when it comes to eating, there’s no place like home.,” McCartney said, according to The Telegraph.

McCartney has also recently narrated a documentary on slaughterhouses and the effects of the meat industry on the environment for the animal rights group.

Restaurants and other food establishments in the city offer a plethora of meat-free options, even going so far as to put a “V” beside menu items, noting if the dish is vegan or not.

London mayor Boris Johnson said the city has a “history of vegetarianism” and mentioned that it was great to be the “best city on earth to enjoy meat-free nosh.”

”We are helping to cultivate a taste for all things veggie by supporting green-fingered efforts by all Londoners to grow their own fresh fruit and veg,” Johnson said.

Meat-free on every corner?

A movement to grow your own produce?

Book the next available flight to Big Ben country.

Time to pay the Queen a visit!

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