Quantcast Vegetarian StarBill Clinton Elected By Americans For The Grill On “TODAY” (Video)

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Do most Americans trust a vegan on the grill?

We sure hope so!

A segment on the TODAY show had the hosts discussing a new poll that found most Americans would rather have Bill Clinton in charge of their backyard grilling BBQ parties than any other president.

Clinton beat out former presidents Ronald Reagan and current POTUS Barack Obama.

He’s led the country through education and job reform, so why not lead it through food reform as well?

Give Clinton an apron and spatula and let him flip veggie burgers for the entire nation, teaching it how to stay healthy while celebrating an all-American pastime.

Clinton went vegan several years ago on the advice of doctors in order to help reverse and prevent some of the signs of heart disease. In an interview with AARP, he compared eating well and taking care of yourself to serving your country.

“The way we consume food and what we consume…we have to demand it by changing the way we live,” he said. “You have to make a conscious decision to change for your own well-being, and that of your family and your country.”

Speaking of veggie grilling, how did you make your holiday meat-free and patriotic?

Watch the TODAY clip and leave a comment to let everyone know!

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