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Peter Sarsgaard Wonders Where The Meat Eating Actors Are

Written by Vegetarian Star on Monday, August 4th, 2014 in Actors, Food & Drink.

Peter Sarsgaard

Being a vegetarian or vegan in Hollywood is not nearly as lonesome as it used to be.

Peter Sarsgaard spoke to Men’s Fitness about his love for running and what it’s like finding food on set and off.

“On movie sets actually it’s not that bad because there are a lot of vegans working in the entertainment industry,” he said. “The movie that I just wrapped I was actually wondering what the meat eating actors were doing!”


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When Amanda Cohen first opened her vegetable restaurant in NYC, Dirt Candy, she took some criticism from a few vegans for her comments about the purpose of vegetarian food and the people who consume it.

A few years later, the restaurant is a hit and Cohen has proved she can whip up a vegan dish that silences the critics — mainly because they’re too busy eating.


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Jason Mraz Spoils Artists With Good Food (Video)

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, July 30th, 2014 in Food & Drink, Male Musicians, Male Singers, Videos.

Jason Mraz knows how to get the creative juices flowing.

In an interview with FUSE, the “I’m Yours” singer sat down and discussed one of his favorite spots for generating music.

His retreat is a combination of good organic food, nature and even a few animals here and there.

If you get a lot of work done, that’s great.

If not, at least you’re left with a full belly in the atmosphere of fantastic people.


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Demi Lovato

Is the President and Robert Rodriguez worth ditching your ultra healthy diet for a day?

Demi Lovato thinks so!

The actress and singer confessed to ExtraTV that although she mostly eats raw and vegan, she splurged a bit at a fundraiser party that included guests Barack Obama and the director.


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PETA Names AT & T Park Most Veggie Friendly MLB Stadium

Written by Vegetarian Star on Friday, July 25th, 2014 in Athletes-Games-Sports, Food & Drink.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has unveiled its list of top 10 vegetarian friendly major league baseball stadiums.

San Francisco Giants fans can once again claim victory as AT & T Park has taken the number one spot it held in 2006 and 2011.

Items like Field Roast frankfurters and portabello sandwiches helped the stadium score a home run with the animal rights group.


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A bad breakfast should get you impeached.

But as long as the staff on the hit NBC series Scandal has Kerry Washington‘s character Olivia Pope on hand, no one will be hit with any legal notices.

The actress who plays the White House Communications Director on the political drama regularly has wholesome juices delivered to the cast while she is working.


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Kathryn Prescott

Kathryn Prescott plays a 16-year old girl who learns her mother is actually a woman who abducted her as a young child on the new MTV series Finding Carter.

In addition to being able to portray a typical teenage girl, Prescott is required to eat a lot of frozen yogurt on the set.

The vegan has worked with the show’s crew to ensure she’s got a scoop of dairy-free dessert in any scene that calls for it. Even the gummie bears are vegan.


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Steve Schirripa From “The Sopranos” Launches Vegan Organic Sauces

Written by Vegetarian Star on Thursday, July 10th, 2014 in Actors, Business, Food & Drink.

Steve Schirripa Uncle Steve's

Steve Schirripa, known for his role as Bobby Bacala on the hit HBO series The Sopranos, has launched a line of pasta sauces.

Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialities come in Marinara, Tomato Basil and Arrabiata.

All of vegan, USDA-certified organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and contain no GMOs, pesticides or added sugar.


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