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Jason Mraz In “EatingWell” January/February 2015

Written by Vegetarian Star on Thursday, January 8th, 2015 in Food & Drink, Male Musicians, Male Singers.

Jason Mraz Eating Well

EatingWell means eating mostly vegan for singer and song-writer Jason Mraz.

Mraz is featured in the January/February 2015 issue of the popular culinary magazine where he invited editors onto his avocado farm in California.

The musician shared a few of his favorite recipes, his love of gardening and his favorite kale chip.

On his healthy lifestyle transformation and how touring with the Rolling Stones inspired him to get healthy: “I’d been surfing a lot, and I felt kind of ridiculous smoking a cigarette after. I said, ‘I’m gonna just cut these out.’ And so then the energy picks up. I start running, I start doing more exercise.”

On trying a vegetarian diet after a bandmate was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes: “We decided to bring a chef out on [our 2008 world] tour with us for 30 days and go vegetarian and raw to see what would happen. And I mean, a dramatic transformation. Not just in weight loss, but in overall health and energy. And then no trace of diabetes.”


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Carrie Underwood TODAY

“I have been vegetarian for about 10 years now. With pregnancy, I am definitely going more on the vegetarian side, but as soon as I am not pregnant anymore I will go back to being vegan. I don’t think I am craving anything too crazy. I try to keep it as healthy as possible and try to take care of myself.”

Carrie Underwood to Yahoo Beauty. The country music star recently showed what a plant-based diet can do for a woman with child as she performed on TODAY looking lovelier than ever in a long-sleeve cranberry dress and stiletto, lace-up heels.

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Best Vegetarian Stories Of 2014

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 in Animal Issues, Athletes-Games-Sports, Chefs, Film & TV, Food & Drink, Models, Reality TV, TV Hosts.

Miss Tennessee USA Kristy Landers Niedenfuer

2014 was a great year for vegetarian news. Here’s a look at the top stories Vegetarian Star feels were the most worthy.

#5. TODAY Hosts Do Real Vs. Faux Meat Taste Test. Al Roker, Matt Lauer and the crew agreed even a meat lover would enjoy digging their teeth in some of the faux cold cuts featured.

#4. The Year Of The Cat. Host of the popular Animal Planet series My Cat From Hell Jackson Galaxy did an exclusive interview with the President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States Wayne Pacelle. Galaxy and Pacelle gave cats four paws up as they discussed cats in the news and the potential impact these animals can have on the lives of millions of pet owners.

#3. Vegan Chef Wins Cutthroat Kitchen. Vegans and vegetarians often get roasted (pun intended) on reality cooking shows. But  Louisville vegan chef Kristina Addington beat her competitors in the series where opponents spend money to sabotage the competition. It pays to be nice. It doesn’t hurt to be vegan either.


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Sometimes the best recipes are those without instructions.

Sarah Silverman was a guest on Hannah Hart’s My Drunk Kitchen, a webseries where she invites celebrities in her kitchen.

Silverman’s episode inovlved making a vegetable pot pie and a lot of crude jokes only the comedian can pull off.

Although there’s no official list of ingredients, the protocol is pretty simple.


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Emily Deschanel And Hubby David Hornsby Expanding 2nd Child

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 in Actresses, Couples, Food & Drink.

Emily Deschanel and her husband David Hornsby are expecting their second child!

The actress who is already a mother to a three-year old son named Henry was vocal about keeping a plant-based diet during her first pregnancy and has continued to discuss how she incorporates lessons about the vegan lifestyle with her first born.


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Jennifer Lopez

“When everyone hears vegan or vegetarian people get so scared. When I started eating this way, right away I dropped like eight to ten pounds and I was like, ‘Woah!’”

Jennifer Lopez, on a five-week plant-based eating plan designed by celebrity trainer Marco Borges that helped her slim down.

Photo: giorgioerriquez/Creative Commons

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RZA Wishes “A Better Tomorrow” For Animals In PETA Ad

Written by Vegetarian Star on Thursday, December 4th, 2014 in Food & Drink, Male Singers.


A Better Tomorrow isn’t just the name of the new Wu-Tang Clan album featuring RZA.

It’s also the musician’s ideal world where everyone enjoys the company of animals in a setting that doesn’t involve dinner.

Just in time for the release of the group’s first album in seven years, Wu-Tang Clan’s leading vegan member has posed in an ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that reads: “A Better Tomorrow Is a Vegan Tomorrow. I Am RZA, and I Am Vegan.”


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Alicia Silverstone

“When I used to say I was vegan on [David] Letterman, it was like a huge joke for them, and that’s not the way it is anymore.”

Alicia Silverstone, during a speech at the plant-based version of the popular Food and Wine festival, the Seed Food and Wine Festival.

Photo: Mark Coggins/Creative Commons

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