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One Sexy MF named Prince was a guest on George Lopez where he talked about the effect of the Internet on the music industry, the middle man in concert ticket prices and of course, his vegetarian diet.

Prince thinks a hot dog is one of the worst foods out there and the ingredients in them are so obscene, Prince can’t even say them on television, given the fact he tries to abstain from cursing, which adhering to a plant-based diet may also help him do.

The new word for anything 4-letter is now “artichoke.”

“If I can stop swearing, everybody can stop swearing,” Prince said.


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The Food Network show Cupcake Wars recently featured Sugar Cupcakery bakery (say it fast three times) in a competition between owner Karla Jennings and bakers from Orlando and Los Angeles to create sweets for George Lopez‘s golf tournament.

Sugar Cupcakery has a dozen or so vegan versions to their cupcakes, including the Tiramasu, Carrot, Grapefruit, Lemon Raspberry, Coconut Lime and more. And at Sugar Cupcakery, you can have your tea and eat it too, as the Earl Gray is infused with the flavorings of the beverage.


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Nikki Sixx Had “Sixx Sense” Kerri Kasem Wasn’t Into Dead Animals

Written by Vegetarian Star on Monday, February 8th, 2010 in Radio Hosts.

2008 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Nikki Sixx, the founder, bassist and songwriter from the 80s metal band Motley Crue, has launched an entertainment show into national syndication, Sixx Sense.

According to a press release, Sixx will discuss, “music and lifestyle topics as he gives listeners a backstage look at the world and mind of a rock star.”

At 51, Sixx is kinda old. Does even qualify to comment on the life of a rock star?

At any rate, he will co-host the show with Kerri Kasem, daughter of radio personality Casey Kasem.

In an interview with USA Today, Sixx described how he and Sherri differ.

“We were talking about a band that was honored by PETA. And Kerri was excited about that because she’s a vegan. And she had to make sure I knew that I would never get that honor. She was like, “You collect dead things.” I have taxidermy everywhere and I wear leather. Also, she’s into Japanese bikes and I’m into Harley-Davidsons.”

So far Sixx has interviews lined up with George Lopez, Ozzy Osbourne and Dog The Bounty Hunter.

Any chance of getting a vegetarian on the show to introduce Sixx to coffee with soy creamer and vegan donuts?

Sixx Sense with Nikki Sense can be heard Monday through Friday, 7PM-midnight on over 30 rock and alternative radio stations.

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Constance Marie Dines On Salad Every Night

Written by Vegetarian Star on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 in Actresses, Food & Drink, Recipes.

Genesis Awards 2009

Constance Marie (Angie Lopez on George Lopez) gave birth to baby Luna Marie 4 months ago and she’s looking as good as ever.

She revealed some of her post baby workout secrets to Celebrity Baby Blog along with the fact that she maintains a vegetarian diet, eating salads every evening.

The first reaction to this is yuck! Who wants to munch on overpriced arugula every night? Certainly not Barack Obama!

But vegetarian salads don’t have to be boring and remind you of pet grass.

Chickpeas, beans, and avocado make for lovely toss ins. Mock egg, tuna, or chicken salad imitate picnic favorites or hearty lunch bowls at work or home.

So it’s time to get our salad on! The Veggie Table has a list of every salad a vegetarian could combine with plant proteins and the produce section.

Give it up for deviled tofu, swiss chard with sesame seeds, and winter white bean to name a few.

Check out theveggietable.com for the rest.

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