Quantcast Vegetarian StarPrince Swears Against The Hot Dog On George Lopez (Video)

One Sexy MF named Prince was a guest onĀ George Lopez where he talked about the effect of the Internet on the music industry, the middle man in concert ticket prices and of course, his vegetarian diet.

Prince thinks a hot dog is one of the worst foods out there and the ingredients in them are so obscene, Prince can’t even say them on television, given the fact he tries to abstain from cursing, which adhering to a plant-based diet may also help him do.

The new word for anything 4-letter is now “artichoke.”

“If I can stop swearing, everybody can stop swearing,” Prince said.

“If you have a mishap in the middle of the night–if you kick the edge of your bed, what do you yell?” asked Lopez after he jokingly suggested artichoke in place of profanities.

“Artichoke,” Prince replied on cue.

Sounds a lot better than some of those other nasty words used to preserve hot dogs and other processed meats–nitrites–which are thought to be carcinogenic.

According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, one 50-gram serving of processed meat a day–the equivalent to a hot dog for lunch–increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 21%.

Well, artichoke that! Someone show us where the black bean taco stand is!

Photo: PR Photos

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