Quantcast Vegetarian StarGlenn Beck Goes Vegan For His Health (Video)

Glenn Beck knows McDonald’s Hamburglers steal more than lunch. That’s why he called Al Gore out for carrying the title of both environmentalist and meat eater.

So it’s no surprise he’s still going strong after embarking on the diet he, a couple of months ago, called a “vegan nightmare.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Beck revealed to a crowd at the Chicago Theatre he’s gone vegan for health reasons.

Beck  began the diet in February and discussed his thoughts on it shortly afterwards on his radio show, which is posted to his website.

Beck claims after drinking wheatgrass, he “ended up with a blade of grass” in his mouth and compared it to the apocalypse. Beck is also aiming for gluten-free and sugar-free.

If he sticks with this, great for him. Hopefully, he will make more public announcements about the diet (hopefully in a more positive, non-apocalyptic way). Although he’s leaving his Fox News Channel talk show at the end of this year, given his tendency to open his mouth and comment on any political issue that makes headlines, Beck–and the publicity he brings–probably won’t be going anywhere out of the spotlight soon.

Photo: David Shankbone/Creative Commons

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8 Responses to “Glenn Beck Goes Vegan For His Health (Video)”

  1. Chef Says:

    So glad to see Mr. Beck coming to his senses. I like that he called out the phony Al Gore. Good luck staying vegan Glenn, I hope you make it.

  2. Richard Says:

    Glenn Beck is the only people from Faux News that I actually liked.
    He certainly wasn’t always right but most people on Faux News are never right.

  3. Oh Richard Says:

    saying “Faux” News is soooo lame. They are a real news organization; they just don’t have a liberal bias like the rest of the media does.

  4. LG Says:

    Fox news is just as biased as the others, only in the opposite direction. Sorry, but as long as you’re listening to an American news cast, you’re not going to get unbiased reporting. Period, end of story.

  5. lil cease Says:

    Beck is still a jackass. If he hates it so much then why do it at all? And the two morons giggling at everything he says, they got their heads so far up Beck’s ass, it’s ridiculous.

  6. Michael Broadhead Says:

    The world would ultimately be a better place if he just died. He’s a manipulator of uneducated people, spreads misinformation, distorts reality, and blatantly lies. His is completely unethical, even with this decision, which he does purely for his health, and no other reason.

  7. Peter Pelland Says:

    Faux News, Fixed News, it’s all the same thing. It’s not a conservative bias. It is simply lies.

  8. Cristen Andrews Says:

    It doesn’t really sound like he is embracing vegnanism. He refers to it as “vominous”, his radio partners call it the “twig diet” and this entire show clip amounts to him bitching about his food.

    A vegan diet can be very flavorful and satisfying….but noone would know that from watching this show. It’s just a rant about how Glen Beck is doing something he hates. Boring.

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