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Chrissie Hynde Vegiterranean Halloween Animal Sanctuary Benefit

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 in Animal Issues, Business, Food & Drink.

Chrissie Hynde. Image Credit: Hello ChateauHo on Flickr

Chrissie Hynde‘s co-owned Vegiterranean vegan restaurant in her hometown of Akron, Ohio is celebrating Halloween in the kindest of manners this year.

Saturday, October 31, the restaurant will host a pumpkin carving contest from 5PM to 7PM. The entry fee is $10 and proceeds go to Happy Trails Animal Sanctuary, which, according to its website, “is a non-profit (501c3) organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and provides an adoption program for abused, abandoned, and neglected farm animals such as horses, ponies, pot belly pigs, farm pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, sheep, goats, and cattle. Happy Trails serves the entire state of Ohio, and works in cooperation with county humane societies, animal protective leagues, and local and state law enforcement officers.”

Prizes will be awarded.

Later at 7PM, the restaurant will have a fall Harvest dinner, then a Halloween costume party of 9PM, with appetizers, drink specials and prizes awarded for best costumes.

The Vegiterranean is located at 21 Furnace Street in Akron, Ohio.

via ohio.com

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Chrissie Hynde Donates Her Paws To Cats Protection

Written by Vegetarian Star on Thursday, October 1st, 2009 in Animal Issues, Female Musicians, Female Singers.


Combine your love for celebrity memorabilia and cats by bidding in the Celebrity Paws Auction, which benefits Cats Protection, a UK based feline welfare charity.

From now until October 10, you can bid on your favorite celebrity “paw print,” a uniquely decorated outlined hand drawing of a star.

Seen here is vegan singer and musician Chrissie Hynde‘s paw print.


Looks like she left some claw marks.

Besides Chrissie, featured celebrity paws include Phil Collins, Sir David Jason, James May, Pam Ferris and more.

You can view the various celebrity paw prints and bid on your choice at cats.org.uk.

via Ecorazzi.com

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Chrissie Hynde Brookstone Frog-O-Sphere Bashing

Written by Vegetarian Star on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 in Animal Issues, Female Musicians, Female Singers.

The Pretenders, Cat Power And Juliette Lewis At The Greek Theatre

The Pretenders‘ singer Chrissie Hynde has written a letter to Interim CEO and president of Brookstone for its Frog-O-Sphere display, where live frogs and snails are sold in the store.

“I was horrified to learn from my friends at PETA that Brookstone is selling African dwarf frogs and snails in tiny, barren boxes. Customers have reported that the animals are languishing on store shelves and that they often die slow, miserable deaths. Foot massagers and grill equipment can live quite happily in boxes; animals cannot. Brookstone should rely on sales of innovative and cruelty-free gadgets instead of profiting from animal suffering.”

“Over the years, I’ve opened my home to many animal companions—but only after careful consideration of my ability to provide them with the love and care that they need for their entire lives. It’s irresponsible, and often deadly, to purchase animals on a whim. When the novelty wears off, the animals pay the price. Most mall shoppers have no idea of the commitment required to take care of these animals…”

Continue reading Chrissie’s letter to Brookstone at peta.org.

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Slice Of Vegan Celebrity Birthday Cake To (Drum Roll)

Written by Vegetarian Star on Monday, September 7th, 2009 in Actresses, Birthdays, Female Musicians, Female Singers.

Central Park SummerStage - Juliette Lewis, Cat Power & The Pretenders

A big slice of vegan birthday cake goes out to the following vegetarian or vegan celebrities today.

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UK Film Premiere: Ano Una - Arrivals


Chrissie Hynde is normally quite calm, but still opinionated when sharing her views on vegetarianism and animals.

We think all the excitement from one of her recent performance made her a little less inhibited.

In Toronto, Chrissie grabbed the mic and yelled:

“Meat eaters, go [expletive]yourselves.”

Fiona Morrow at theglobeandmail.com wanted to keep her column clean.

You can fill in the blank as to what you think Chrissie said.

Poor Chrissie had to say something after she smelled something coming from the barbecue stand.

Wonder why she didn’t just ban meat like she’s done before?

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The Pretenders Perform In Madrid

“They torture these chickens. No one else is defending these animals.”

“If people are still going to McDonald’s, can McDonald’s stop torturing these beautiful animals that they’re making their profits out of?”

—-Chrissie Hynde, during recent protests against McDonald’s  in Utah for the way the PETA alleges the company slaughters its chickens, including having their legs broken, throats slashed, and scalded in de-feathering tanks.

PETA wants McDonald’s to switch to chickens that are killed via Controlled Atmosphere Killing-a process that cuts off the animal’s oxygen until it dies.

via ksl.com and sltrib.com

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Chrissie Hynde Gives Lowdown On Zoo Show Cancellation

Written by Vegetarian Star on Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 in Animal Issues, Female Musicians, Female Singers.

Central Park SummerStage - Juliette Lewis, Cat Power & The Pretenders

Chrissie Hynde and her Pretender crew was originally scheduled to perform at the Minneapolis Zoo.

However, that show was canceled and the concert promoter cited numerous reasons for doing so such as crowd size and zoo curfew.

Now, Chrissie’s getting the chance to talk about how she really felt about the zoo show.

Psst. We think the cancellation had a little more to do with Chrissie’s values.

After asking people at PETA to research the zoo thoroughly, Chrissie learned some of the animals are eventually sold for slaughter.

Uncool. Very uncool.

From popmatters.com:

“That’s how I decided not to play there. I thought it would disturb the animals anyway. As zoos go, they have some really good policies. But I’m not zoo-friendly myself. I actually had people calling and complaining about it being at the zoo before I knew it was at a zoo. It wasn’t just me.”

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The Pretenders Perform In Madrid

Chrissie Hynde recently interviewed with the New York Post, where she mentioned how successful her vegan restaurant, The Vegiterranean, is in her hometown of Akron, Ohio.

Located in the heart of the midwest, Chrissie couldn’t have picked a less veg friendly region-unless we’re talking about a cattle ranch town!

But two years later, The Vegiterranean is still going strong.

A few highlights from the interview:

Akron seems like a meat-eating kind of town. How has your vegan menu been received?

Everyone told me, “Don’t do it.” I had a resounding chorus of “You will go under” from all corners. But it’s been a huge success. And you’re right, it’s a real meat-eating town. I’m actually still surprised when I meet a meat eater. It makes so little sense, especially now that everybody knows the score as far as the treatment of the animals, the factory farms and the environment — not to mention the health implications. Why go to the gym every day when you can just eat right? I mean, look how gorgeous I am, and I don’t do anything.

How are people responding to what you’re doing there?

It’s funny, because yesterday I was thinking, what am I doing this for? I was feeling kind of isolated. And then I went to the restaurant, and six different groups of people walked up and said, “We’ve come in from out of town because we wanted to see the restaurant. You should put one in our city, because we really need it.” And I thought, it’s working. I was quite stunned.

Read the entire interview with Chrissie at nypost.com.

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