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Stella McCartney Admired Mom Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Style

Written by Vegetarian Star on Thursday, August 20th, 2009 in Fashion, Food & Drink.

Paul McCartney

Stella McCartney just revealed she thinks her mom was one of the greatest in the world.

Not only does Stella admire Linda McCartney, but she aims to be just as free-spirited and compassionate about all life just like dear ol’ mom.

Stella told Harper’s Bazaar:

“She had a strong voice and was very ahead of her time. The connection she made between how people treat animals and the environment is proving to be very significant.”

Stella probably “borrowed” a few things from her mom’s closet now and then.

“I love the way my mother wore clothes. She used to always cut her own hair and wore very little make-up, and she just did things differently. She used to wear odd socks but then she also wore beautiful suits and little dresses with platform shoes. That is sort of how people dress now, so she was very modern and ahead of her time.”

Do you have a parent who influenced your veg lifestyle decisions tremendously?

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Any entrepreneur or developer knows getting a successful product out is more than just putting in eight hours a day.

There are often late nights, weekends, and pounds of bacon to shove down your throat regularly.

Neil Gillis, former managing director of Linda McCartney foods, has told the UK Guardian just how dedicated Paul McCartney was to improving the vegetarian food range of his late wife.

“He took over after Linda died and it was very helpful, he was very interested in the products, like when we developed vegetarian bacon – he ate it for breakfast everyday so was keen to get it right.”

Now veggie bacon is delish and all, but everyday for breakfast? That’s dedication!

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Paul McCartney is giving the thumbs up to the Vegetarian Society for using his late wife Linda’s recipes in its new cooking classes.

“It’s fabulous to see a course inspired by Linda and her recipes, which will in turn, hopefully, inspire cooks of the future,” McCartney said. “Those of us in her family are very proud that the Vegetarian Society has chosen to honour Linda in this way.”

The Cordon Vert School is located in the headquarters of the Vegetarian Society in London.

The curriculum will be officially launched later this month, and the actual courses will be offered in May, August, and October.

Linda McCartney was a longtime vegetarian and activist who inspired Paul to become one. She published vegetarian cookbooks and started her own line of frozen vegetarian foods, which was recently revamped with help from the McCartney family.

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Written by Vegetarian Star on Friday, February 27th, 2009 in Business.

Live And Let Die

The Linda McCartney food range has recently revamped it’s packaging.

Besides the new slogan, “Food to Come Home To,” the new package features photographs of Linda and a history of the brand.

“We did a lot of research and found that a large proportion of the vegetarian market are under 25, and wouldn’t necessarily know who Linda McCartney was,” said Julian Roberts, director for Irving Designs, the company which worked with the McCartney family, including Paul, Stella, and Mary.

That’s a good point. Unless you’re an old soul who happens to be a Beatles fan or you grew up with parents who were never cured of Beatlemania, you might not know the story of the lovely Linda, late wife of Paul McCartney.

Behind every good man is a good woman, and it was Linda who introduced vegetarianism to Paul in the 70s. She wrote several vegetarian cookbooks, including Linda McCartney’s Home Cooking: Quick, Easy, and Economical Vegetarian Dishes For Today.

In 1991 she created the Linda McCartney Frozen Foods Line.

In addition to being outspoken about her diet, she was an animal activist and PETA created an award in her name after her death in 1998.

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Paul And Linda

When the McCartneys get together for a family event, they often enjoy the vegetable roast as a meal.

Now, after several months of reinventing the brand, the Linda McCartney food line, named after Paul’s late wife, is giving other families a chance to come home and enjoy quick, meatless meals at the dinner table.

“Food to Come Home To,” is the new slogan for the food line, which is complete with new packaging and labeling by Irving Designs, with help from the McCartney family, including photographer Mary.

Some aspects of the package remain the same, such as the heart motif, personally drawn by Linda. Of course, the delicious food inside the package hasn’t changed either.


“The previous packaging was not communicating the benefits of the product or the guideline daily amounts, and had no communications on the front edge of the pack,” Irving creative director and founder Julian Roberts said.

Besides a new look, the food line has also added three new meals: Thai green curry, Balti curry and Moroccan tagine.

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Paul And Linda McCartney

There’s nothing sadder than being ahead of the game at halftime only to slide towards defeat during the last quarter.

The Linda McCartney food range created by Paul McCartney’s late wife was doing quite well weeks ago, but it appears that more than love is needed to prevent cutbacks from the staff.

The Fakenham Times reports:

“And there was another blow as vegetarian food producer Linda McCartney announced 17 jobs could be lost in manufacturing cutbacks. The news comes just six weeks after company bosses said soaring sales of the relaunched brand would give security for the 180-strong workforce on Holt Road.”

The Linda McCartney factory parent company, Hain Frozen Foods, had to cut back on production hours as well, even though there was a rise in the sale of its meat-free products.

Hoping for the best for the workers and their families as the companies try to weather the economic storm.

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Paul And Linda McCartney

We made it through Thanksgiving, one of the major meaty holidays, but now it’s time to start thinking about Christmas.

May we suggest Paul McCartney’s macaroni turkey?

Paul and his late wife Linda became vegetarians in the 70s. One Christmas, Linda was experimenting in the kitchen, trying to come up with a meat-free dinner.

“We had all the trimmings but we needed something to simulate the turkey,” Paul told the British newspaper Daily Express. “So Linda made macaroni cheese. It was good, then she let it stand so it went solid and I was able to slice it. It kind of worked so we called it the macaroni turkey.”

Sounds like a plan.

Nowadays, when Paul and his daughters are together, they enjoy the Vegetarian Roast, one of the products in the Linda McCartney food line.

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Written by Vegetarian Star on Thursday, November 20th, 2008 in Fashion, Male Musicians, Male Singers.

Live 8 London - Stage

The late Linda McCartney designed a range of vegetarian frozen meals that remain with her family just as much as her spirit. When the McCartneys are together for a family event, they say they often eat the Vegetarian Roast as a meal.

They have much to celebrate, as according to the Dereham Times, Linda’s food range has experienced a 20% increase in sales every year. In a tough and unpredictable economy, it’s job security for the more than 180 workers in the Hain Frozen Food factory located at Fakenham.

Ironically, it may be the tough economy that’s helping to boost sales, thus providing job security. Meat can be expensive, especially in comparison to the nuts, legumes, and pastas that are available to those eating vegetarian.  Some who give financial advice recommend even meat eaters go vegetarian for one day of the week in order to save money.

An article in Divine Caroline listed 19 of the 20 healthiest foods under $1 as vegetarian, and 17 of them were vegan, including protein rich garbanzo beans, tofu, and nuts!

Do you know of any veg foods/vegetarian combinations of food that are cheap yet tasty?

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