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Jess Origliasso celebrated a birthday on Christmas. Did this mean double presents? Or double the number of yummy, tasty veggie tacos?

One-half of the pop duo The Veronicas, Jess is seen is these videos demonstrating how to make her almost vegan tacos and guacamole dip.

Jess calls them vegan, but like many people, probably isn’t aware that the brand of faux cheese she’s using contains casein, a milk protein often added to soy and other imitation cheeses. A simple switch to a truly vegan cheese like Teese or Daiya will give you the genuine vegan touch.

The Veronicas are often on the road and because of this, they can’t always access an oven. This is why Jess chose refried beans instead of faux meat because she prefers to fry imitation meats in a saucepan. Taco shells can be microwaved too.

“About 45 seconds if you put all of them in,” Jess says, referring to the length of time it takes to warm an entire box of shells.

These tacos get the approval of “Slim Dusty,” a meat-eating, cow farm owner who chose to hide his identity. Watch the videos below for full instructions for making the veggie tacos and guacamole and tell us if they get your approval as well.


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The Veronicas

A big slice of vegan birthday cake goes out to the following vegetarian or vegan celebrities today.

Photo: PR Photos

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Australian twin sisters and singing duo The Veronicas posed with some props you’ll probably never find with them on stage–skinned, dead animals representing what’s left after the material obtained for making a fur coat is ripped off them.

“[W]earing fur is unnecessary and unacceptable,” explained Jess Origliasso.

With so many fur-free retailers located at your local mall or shopping center, is it really that hard to choose compassion over killing?

A behind the scenes interview with the sisters can be viewed below.


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TheBongoVirus.com New Years Eve Party - Arrivals

Jess Origliasso, member of the pop duo The Veronicas was doing green and good when she was discovered by PETA agents and asked to do a naked anti-fur ad.

Origliasso was riding the New York subway wearing a faux fur jacket that read, “F*** Fur” painted on the back.

Anyone with a message this blatant is clearly PETA ad talent, so they approached with the idea which she is strongly considering.

“Lisa and I support any foundation that is willing to educate and make a stand for animal liberation,” she told Confidential.

“Death for these animals is a horror story – the most common method used for killing foxes is electrocution. I can’t speak for Lisa, but I admire the approach to the eye-catching photo shoots PETA do to get the important message out there.

“I would definitely love to be involved in something like that.”

If she chooses to accept the offer, she’ll be following the footsteps of fellow celebrity Aussie ladies who have worked with the organization like Natalie Imbruglia, Sophie Monk, and Missy Higgins.

via News.com.au

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