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Meatless Mouthful–Sadie Frost Keeps Mum On Eating Habits

Written by Vegetarian Star on Thursday, September 25th, 2014 in Actresses, Food & Drink, Meatless Mouthful.

Sadie Frost

“For years I was considered a goody two-shoes for being a vegetarian and avoiding wheat. But I don’t do this for vanity, it’s to feel good. I don’t talk about it. I think it makes people feel rubbish if you constantly talk about your eating habits. I actually find it quite vulgar.”

Sadie Frost, on being the less vocal vegetarian these days. Does discussing your diet too much make you sound vulgar? Keep a clean mouth by stuffing it with plant-based goodies. Occasionally, offer to share some without offending.

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James Cameron

‘I want to challenge all of you as people of deep conscience, people who are environmental stewards of the earth and oceans…by changing what you eat, you will change the contract between the human species and the natural world.”

James Cameron, who, along with his wife Suzy, was featured on a CNN segment on the benefits of a plant-based diet on the environment.

Photo: Angela George/Creative Commons

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Meryl Streep

“As a New Jersey native I was delighted to learn from my friends at The Humane Society of the United States that our state could be the first in the country to enact a ban on the importation and sale of ivory – a product of horrific cruelty to elephants and rhinos, who could very well become extinct within decades if we don’t act now. Governor, you have my full support and I hope you usher this critical bill through without delay.”

Meryl Streep, in a statement addressed to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, urging him to sign bill S.2012/A.3128 into law, prohibiting the sale and trade of elephant ivory and rhino horns in the state.

Photo: Neon Tommy/Creative Commons

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Phil Neville

“My wife’s been vegetarian for about four, five years now. I promised my wife that I would try it for two weeks. … I started to feel healthier, leaner. I started to feel great!”

Phil Neville, football coach of English team Manchester United, on what motivated him to go vegetarian. Neville gave it a try for a few days. In addition to feeling great, after learning about the great plant-based sources of protein like quinoa, nuts and soy, he knew he had scored a great goal.

You can find Neville’s PETA’s video testimony here.

Photo: The Bohs/Creative Commons

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Cloris Leachman

“It is insulting to suggest that retired, elderly individuals can be entertained by watching miserable birds spend their entire lives unable to follow their instincts. Cages deny birds all that is natural and important to them—including room to fly, fresh air, and enough water to bathe in.”

Cloris Leachman, in a letter she wrote with PETA to retirement facilities on releasing caged birds and other animals kept on the premises into more appropriate environments.

Photo: Angela Moore/Creative Commons

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Kangana Ranaut

“Spiritually being a non-vegetarian was blocking me. It was hard to leave and I won’t say that I don’t crave it, but you can do it with your will power. Eating just vegetables and food without blood or flesh, is so nice. My skin, face and how I feel as a person has changed. And I feel it’s a small price to pay for so many things.”

–Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, on how she benefited from switching to a vegetarian diet.

Photo: www.filmitadka.in/Creative Commons

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Samuel L. Jackson

“Reading Dr. Esselstyn’s book. Going to his house and talking to him and his wife Anne and a desire to live forever. I feel great. I have a lot more energy than I used to have. I sleep better. I like the way I look in my clothes better. I don’t cramp as much. I exercise better. I think my circulation has gotten better.”

Samuel L. Jackson, in an interview with Ecorazzi, on what motivated him to go vegan. Jackson is one of many celebrities influenced by Dr. Esselstyn, author of books such as Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, including former president Bill Clinton.

Photo: pinguino k/Creative Commons

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Alicia Silverstone "The Kind Mama"

“We usually think of kindness in terms of how we treat others, but in order to be a kind mama, you need to start by being kind to yourself — both physically (from the foods you eat and how you take care of your body) and emotionally (to your way of thinking and your intentions for motherhood).”

Alicia Silverstone, in an email interview with NJ.com on her new book about weaving veganism into pregnancy and motherhood, The Kind Mama.

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