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Worst Vegetarian News Stories Of 2010

Written by Vegetarian Star on December 31st, 2010 in Animal Issues, Food & Drink, Fur, Not So Vegetarian.

Lady Gaga

We gave you theĀ best vegetarian news stories of 2010. But a lot of anti-veg events made headlines too. Here’s the best of the worst.

10. Johnny Weir ruffles fur feathers during the winter Olympics. It’s bad enough he picks a costume with rabbit fur around the collar. After being criticized, he’s says he’ll “wear fur again” and it’s all just a part of creative expression. Someone hit the ice with his head one time too many while practicing the double-dunce-klutz.

9. Sarah Palin kills caribou on TLC reality show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Someone who feeds her family potentially lead contaminated meat shouldn’t be criticizing Mrs. Obama’s initiatives to make school lunches healthier. In 2008, she gave an interview while Tom turkey got his head chopped off. In 2010, it’s Rudolph. Easter Bunny, dude, watch your back!

8. Angelina Jolie says secret beauty tip is steak. This is coming from an ex-vegan actress who was too lazy to do her research and learn to eat vegan properly, so she failed, went back to meat, and praised it for giving her that sexy “Salt” look. Would love to see what her heart looks like from all the salt in processed meats.

7. KT Tunstall is vegetarian–except for pig’s blood. Sure, some vegans will cheat and eat grandma’s butter cookies at Christmas. But KT Tunstall discussed in detail how scrumptious black pudding, a congealed “treat” made from pig’s blood, was even though she normally eats tofu and beans. “Suddenly we see” Twilight vegetarian vampire taking a whole new meaning.

6. Elle MacPherson says endangered rhino horn powder is her beauty secret. We don’t know what’s worse–this or Jolie’s return to steak. It’s a sadder day than ever for the rhinos that are being poached. So many in Hollywood get nose jobs. Just use their grounded up nostril parts, have a model with big boobs promote it in a sexy way, overcharge and soon MacPherson will be touting that as the best secret instead.

5. Matt & Nat former employee reveals she did it on the down low. A vegan handbag and accessory company has a vegetarian eating only at work policy. One woman snuck meat onto the premises regularly, then griped to the media about it. Should have instead thanked Matt (or Nat) she had a job and stuck a tofurky jerky stick in it.

4. Morrissey says the Chinese are subhuman. Bad, rude, racist, sexist or downright insensitive vegetarians make it difficult for us to win anybody even halfway over. Morrissey attacked China for the way it handles animals, offending and upsetting more than just Chinese people. But since Morrissey is good at verbal tirades, we can turn this around by rewarding the good instead of the bad. We therefore encourage him to attack every country for its animal transgressions–including the United States for its circuses and factory farms–and leave the individual races alone.

3. Donna Karan Brings Bunny Back. After promising to not use rabbit fur in her fashions, like a politician, Karan changed her policy. Activists attacked her Facebook page and called her a bunny butcher. Ha! She doesn’t have as many friends on social networking as she thinks. Lessons learned: Stop using fur. And check your Fan page wall often.

2. Janet Jackson signs Blackglama fur deal. A vegetarian/vegan who publicly discusses her love for seitan and vegan cookies also publicly wears fur. And gets paid promoting it. That’s just “Nasty.”

1. Lady Gaga wears a meat bikini and dress. The fashion statement that spawned a trend of ham dresses, faux meat necklaces and too much publicity for the “Pokerface” singer also spawned a community of maggots who got a free lunch off her smelly, dead flesh costume. Can’t eat her, can’t eat her, no we can’t eat her e.coli face.

Have a veggie, eco-friendly New Year’s and see you in 2011!

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