Quantcast Vegetarian StarFormer Vegan Angelina Jolie Beauty Secret Is Steak

Awhile back the Daily Mail published a story on how Brad Pitt was disgusted by Angelina Jolie‘s meat-a-day habit and wanted the children to stop eating so much steak. Sure, it sounded like a tabloid rumor, but now Starpulse has published a quote from Jolie on how she used to be a vegan.

“I joke that a big juicy steak is my beauty secret,” Jolie said. “But seriously, I love red meat. I was a vegan for a long time, and it nearly killed me. I found I was not getting enough nutrition.”

This must be her secret to retiring early, cause red meat as a prophylactic will do nothing but send her screen career down the tubes if she’s unlucky enough to be stricken with illness. More studies are linking red and processed meats with cancer more often than actors and actresses hook up and break up.

If the land of veggies is giving you problems in nutrition land, we’ve said it before, now we’ll scream it again.

Find a dietitian that specializes in vegetarian nutrition!

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8 Responses to “Former Vegan Angelina Jolie Beauty Secret Is Steak”

  1. Del Says:

    What a nasty woman!

  2. Robert Sutherland Says:

    She’s terribly misguided, I’m a C.N. and Vegan. It’s not a problem to get all you need.

  3. Katherine Says:

    It’s soooo dissapointing when celebrities come out with the ‘I used to be vegan, but now I’m healthy’. It gives the diet and lifestyle a bad name. 1) that vegans don’t stick with it 2) that it is unhealthy 🙁

    I can understand different people’s bodies reacting differently to diets but I can only imagine that if someone is ‘nearly killed’ from not getting nutrients, it’s not a plant based lifestyle it’s being lazy.
    Sorry, but with her money, she shouldn’t have had a problem

  4. HTwoWhoa Says:

    She doesn’t seem to need an omnivore dietician or nutritionist, or, at least, not so reported, so the suggestion that she could have used a vegan nutritionist suggests to me how esoteric a vegan diet is. If something works to the best of your knowledge, then leave well enough alone, and live and let live.

  5. helen Says:

    Most “ex-vegans” are cop outs who didn’t learn enough about nutrition to sustain their lives. So, like the “ex-Catholics, the ex-Mormons” and “ex-alcoholics,” is all a sorry sham to justify doing what they’ve always loved–eating red meat, living sinful lives and enjoying being a drunk.

  6. HTwoWhoa Says:

    What I was stating before: they knew enough about nutrition to sustain their lives before to wish to return to it after. It mustn’t be so difficult to figure out how to live vegan that one should need to seek a specialist.

  7. Angelina Jolie Says:

    We must find her, and force feed weeds and GM soy beans down her throat until she spews the wrath of satan from every pore in her savage murderous body! And afterwards, as most female vegans are lesbian, massage her breasts with our make-believe penises!

  8. eve Says:

    Well if you’re not capable of figuring out how to have a balanced diet with your own brain, seek help. Do a little bit of research or visit a dietitian. It’s not hard for me, a vegan for years, or any of my vegan friends, but then again, some people have a harder time being balanced without help or guidance I guess, so get guidance!

    Also, I think she adopted many kids from impoverished areas because she wants to help kids who need it most, so Angelina should go vegan. Animals consume large quantities of food but produce comparatively small amounts of meat in return; more than 70 percent of the grain that we grow in the U.S. is fed to farmed animals. If a person wants to help save starving kids, that person needs to know there is more than enough food in the world to feed the entire human population.

    Still, every 6 seconds a child dies of hunger. This is while farm animals consume 80% of American corn, 80% of American grain, 95% of American oats, and 87% of agricultural land is used to raise animals to kill and eat.

    So why are more than a billion people still going hungry? Our meat-based diet is largely to blame. We funnel huge amounts of grain, soybeans, and corn through all the animals we use for food instead of feeding starving humans. If we stopped intensively breeding farmed animals and grew crops to feed humans instead, we could easily feed everyone on the planet with healthy and affordable vegetarian foods.

    Please watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMyJNR2DrfY

    Our choices make an impact, yet some people still choose to support a demand for animal abuse and huge amounts of constant food waste. Problems such as animal abuse and starvation can be fixed by making humane vegan lifestyle choices free of animal exploitation. We can easily make a direct choice to reduce the latter’s suffering by eliminating meat intake, and by reducing this demand, indirectly help starving children. If one wants to do the most for starving children, one can’t ignore this information and continue eating meat.

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