Quantcast Vegetarian StarMatt And Nat Vegetarian Lunch Policy Made Former Employee Angry

Matt & Nat Apple

Matt & Nat Apple

Matt and Nat, a vegan handbag and accessories company based in Canada, has a workplace policy on eating that mirrors its business principles. Vegetarian dining is a must on the job and when employees go out for lunches together for work related activities.

The dress policy includes no leather, suede or fur.

And these rules the company has followed for 7 years made one ex-employee angry.

The ex-worker told CBC News of how she would sneakily eat meat on the job or leave the campus to consume a pound of flesh.

“Sometimes, you put it in your purse, or I would leave the food in my car, and I would go get it at lunchtime and eat in my car. When I told my friends they were all shocked and started laughing at me,” the female employee, who chose to remain anonymous, said, adding that it’s a “free country” and she should be able to eat whatever she wanted.

Creative director Inder Bedi said the policy is discussed during interviews, so no one should have any surprises on the first day of the job.

“The office here, we like to think of it as our temple. So it’s important to us to have certain policies. Employees are free to obviously go out and do whatever they like outside the temple, but inside here, we try to stick to the policy,” said Bedi.

Learn what one Montreal lawyer has to say on the legality of the policy at CBC News.

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