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Torrie Wilson: The Semi-Vegetarian

Written by Vegetarian Star on Friday, August 28th, 2009 in Athletes-Games-Sports, Food & Drink, Models, Reality TV.

Awards Room At The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2007

We told you how wrestling champion and model Torrie Wilson was convinced to go vegetarian after spending some quality time with John Salley in the jungle.

Uh, in the jungle for I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

Always important to explain yourself fully.

Anyway, turns out Torrie is not completely veg-she still eats birds.

But at least she’s dramatically cut a lot of meat from her diet.

From Diva-Dirt.com:

You noted that you’ve become a vegetarian since leaving the jungle, how did that come about?
Torrie: I have become semi-vegetarian. I cut out most meat but do still eat a small amount of turkey and chicken here and there. John Salley taught me a lot about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle and I took lots of mental notes! I also felt great after not eating meat for 30 days, so I figured something must be right!

Does she realize how great she’ll feel after cutting all meat from her diet?

C’mon Torrie, we know you can do it!

Think of it as a challenge competition to smoke Sanjaya.

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John Salley Got Torrie Wilson To Go Vegetarian

Written by Vegetarian Star on Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 in Athletes-Games-Sports, Models, Reality TV.

Im a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Press Conference

Second place winner of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here Torrie Wilson said she went vegetarian after finishing the reality TV competition.

“I’ve changed my entire way of eating after the show,” she told the Baltimore Sun. “I became a vegetarian, almost vegan. I feel wonderful after having the cleansing I had there and getting off sugar.”

Torrie’s competitor and 3rd place winner John Salley is vegan and according to chron.com, it was John that gave Torrie the little “push.”

“Wilson became good buddies with former NBA player Salley, who persuaded her to become a vegetarian.”

It’s great that Torrie became veg. Even greater than John helped her “convert.”

Now it’s just a matter of him sharing those recipes cards and giving her samples of his Double Baked Herbed Crisps to share.

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Contestants from the new NBC show Im a celebrity get me out of here give an interview about the upcoming show

The brief stint Torrie Wilson had on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, has caused the former meat eater to go vegetarian and almost vegan.

Guess those meals of worms, cow tongue, and bull testicles kinda turn off the carnivorous desire in you.

During an interview with the Baltimore Sun, Torrie said, “I’ve changed my entire way of eating after the show. I became a vegetarian, almost vegan. I feel wonderful after having the cleansing I had there and getting off sugar.”

Perhaps a little John Salley rubbed off on her? The basketball legend was reported as being “verbally abusive,” as contestants participated in the eating contests because he wouldn’t stop talking about how nasty the delicacies like bull testicles were.

Torrie is a retired fitness instructor, model, and professional wrestler, so she and Diva Tiffany from Extreme Championship Wrestling should hook up and share some recipes.

Torrie came in second to Lou Diamond Phillips and ahead of Salley, who finished third.

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Operation Smile Presents The 2009 Smile Event

Sad news for those rooting for John Salley on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

Spider legs Salley came in third, behind Torrie Wilson, and Lou Diamond Phillips taking the cake.

Before the final showdown all three finalist had to endure a “jungle spa,” consisting of creepy crawlers, baby crocodiles, and mealworms to win a gourmet meal.

No one was a loser in that round (or perhaps they all were because they had to put up with that) and all three got their grub on.

John had a tofu burger waiting for him, but Torrie’s meal choice wasn’t too shabby either, as she requested a vegetarian pizza. Lou Diamond? Fried chicken! Boo!

Lou’s charity of choice, Art Has Heart Foundation, will get a fat check for his victory. The organization awards scholarships to lower-income high school students.

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