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Slice Of Celebrity Vegan Birthday Cake To (Drum Roll)

Written by Vegetarian Star on Monday, March 31st, 2014 in Birthdays, Politicians.

Al Gore

A big slice of vegan birthday cake goes out to the following vegetarian or vegan celebrities.

Photo: Kjetil Bjørnsrud/Creative Commons

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Al Gore Medscape

Al Gore interviewed with Editor-in-Chief of Medscape, Eric Topol, MD on a variety of topics that could affect the U.S. healthcare system in the future.

Diet is an obvious part of wellness, and Gore briefly touched on his decision to switch to a vegan diet a year ago.


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Al Gore Requests Vegan Meal To Promote “The Future”

Written by Vegetarian Star on Monday, February 11th, 2013 in Authors, Books, Environment-Eco-Green, Food & Drink.

Al Gore The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change

Al Gore has taken some criticism in the past about being the environmentalist who still eats meat, but he’s doing his part by requesting a vegan meals while he promotes his latest book on global change, The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change.


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Al Gore

“Industrial agriculture is a part of the problem. Organic farming, relying on more productive, safer methods to put carbon back in the soil, produce safer and better food–that’s a big part of it. The shift towards a more meat-intensive diet is also part of the problem. The clearing of forest areas in many parts of the world in order to raise more cattle–that’s a part of it.”

Al Gore, in an interview with FearLess Revolution founder Alex Bogusky where he discussed the impact of food choices and environmental destruction.

It’s good talk. Now let’s see Al get into action by giving up meat entirely.

The interview can be viewed below.


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“Saturday Night Live” poked fun of the Fox News channel and its group of conservative hosts, including Glenn Beck and Greta Van Susteren, who’s played by vegetarian Kristen Wiig.

Fox News is re-branded from the often seen as vitriolic to the “civil, polite network,” something MSNBC’s James Carville, played by Bill Hader, doubts will ever work, as he jokes:

“Today I had nice lunch with Arianna Huffington, Michael Moore and my friend Lucien — he’s a gay soldier. We ate at a vegan restaurant, which is nice because it means no animals got hurt. Which is important, because animals are just people with fur. Isn’t that nice Sean Hannity?”

But the guys at Fox aren’t always as bad some make them out to be. Hey, at least Glenn Beck will call out Al Gore for promoting environmentalism while still eating meat, which wastes water, pollutes water and contributes to greenhouse gases.

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Al Gore Can Find Better Dates If He Goes Vegetarian, Says PETA

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 in Food & Drink, Politicians.

In a November 6, 2000 file photo, Vice President Al Gore kisses his wife Tipper during a rally at the America's Center in St. Louis. According to an email leaked to the press, Former Vice President Gore and Tipper are separating after 40 years of marriage. UPI/Bill Greenblatt/File Photo via Newscom

In a sad tale of a couple you never thought you’d see split, Al Gore and wife Tipper have called it off after 40 years of marriage.

As handsome as Al is, he’ll surely have no problem getting dates in the future if he chooses to, but PETA has taken the opportunity to remind him that all the sexy Democratic ladies forgo meat.

“You are already aware of the environmental damage caused by animal agriculture, and you recently stated that you are reducing your meat consumption. This is a small but important step. Now that you’re single again and presumably considering dating, you may also be looking for a way to slim down. May we recommend kicking the meat and milk habit entirely and going vegan, which is not only one of the best ways to fight climate change but is also one of the best ways to shed unwanted pounds?”


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Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore delivers a speech at the Montreal Millennium Summit

Al Gore recently spoke to a group of 800 college and high school students at Cal State Monterey Bay in the final series of installments in the Panetta Institute for Public Policy lecture series.

As expected, he commented on the recent Gulf Coast oil spill, but added that coal-fire plants produce similar environmental damage on a regular basis, putting three times as many pollutants into the air.

“Oil you can see,” Gore said. “CO2 is invisible, odorless and tasteless – invisible to the economy because it has no price tag on it.”

One student asked the former Vice President if he has stopped eating meat after learning of the environmental impact of the livestock industry.

His response was “no,” but that he had cut back.

It would be interesting to know how some meat reducers are performing their stunts.

Sure, many say that are eating less meat, but does that mean that are following Meatless Mondays?

Or only eating meat on the weekends?

We need more details on how the flexitarians plan their diets, so others can learn by example!

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Al Gore–Green Man Of The Decade

Written by Vegetarian Star on Sunday, December 27th, 2009 in Environment-Eco-Green, Food & Drink, Politicians.

UN Climate Change Summit Enters Final Week

If you’re wondering what the top veggie stories of 2009 will be, have patience!

The big newsbreaker may come on December 31.

In the meantime, take a look at the top green stories of the decade provide by grist.org, which practically names Al Gore as a green savior of the decade.

“After a short, bearded, self-imposed exile, he made a simple decision: if climate change is the greatest danger to humanity, something he’d been discouraged from saying for most of his electoral career, then he would say so. He set about spreading the word in characteristic nerdy, earnest fashion, with a slide show, a patient explanation, and four gazillion frequent flier miles.”

What’s even greater than his Inconvenient Truths or big green balls, however, is the fact that good ol’ Al is going in the veg direction.

After being chided for not bringing up the effects of meat on the environment, Gore finally said it straight.

“It’s absolutely correct that the growing meat intensity of diets around the world is one of the issues connected to this global crisis – not only because of the CO2 involved, but also because of the water consumed in the process,” Gore told ABC television.

“I’m not a vegetarian, but I have cut back sharply on the meat that I eat,” he added.

Crossing the fingers Gore goes all the way in 2010!

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