Quantcast Vegetarian StarKristen Bell Adds Dairy And Eggs To Diet While Breast Feeding

Kristen Bell

Kristin Bell, like many vegan and vegetarian women, has modified her plant-based diet slightly from concerns that have come up during and after pregnancy.

The vegan explained that it’s been hard to keep up with eating enough now that she’s feeding two.

The actress who breastfeeds says adding dairy and eggs to her meals allows her to get the extra calories she needs to ensure her baby gets adequate nutrition.

Bell told Refinery 29:

“I’m actually eating vegetarian now, instead of vegan. Because I’m breast-feeding, I’d literally have to be eating all day long to get in enough calories if I was vegan, so I’ve added in a little bit of dairy and eggs. I do have to watch my diet in terms of my skin, though — If I have large amounts of sugar or dairy, I’m prone to getting eczema. So, watching what I eat really pays off in more ways than one.”

The controversy over vegan diets, pregnancy and breastfeeding may never end. In the end, it may be best for the mother to decide what makes her body feel best and gives her the right energy to care for her offspring.  But there is ample evidence to support that a completely plant-based diet can provide the calories and nutrition needed in every phase of a woman’s life, including those phases with child.

Extra calories can easily be worked into the diet with denser foods like pastas and rice and “good for you” higher fat foods like nuts, seeds and avocados.

Vegan diets and breastfeeding are not incompatible. If you need guidance, do your research on high caloric and nutrient dense foods or visit a dietitian educated on veg eating.

Photo: David Shankbone/Creative Commons

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One Response to “Kristen Bell Adds Dairy And Eggs To Diet While Breast Feeding”

  1. Aurora T. Agee Says:

    AGREED! I am pumping and exclusively breastfeeding (I pump around 12 ounces a day, plus exclusively nurse…he’s only had 3 bottles). I am up to running 20+ miles a week and working out 6 days a week, and no problems so far. However, I do eat 5-6 times a day (I am really hungry!!!!) and I drink water like you would not believe. When he wakes to eat, I try to chug at least 6-8 ounces myself….and sometimes I can’t stop, I am sooooo thirsty!

    This is great to share with people though, so they aren’t afraid to get out there.

    One thing a friend told me was that if you do notice a bit of a drop (even though you think you are eating andr rinking enough)….add healthy fats and drink more water. She said she added avocado or chia seeds to EVERYTHING. =)

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