Quantcast Vegetarian StarMichael Vick And PETA: Why The Deal Couldn’t Be Sealed (Video)

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Michael Vick‘s return to the football field has drew a lot of talk, much of which is from the vegetarian community.

PETA’s president and co-founder Ingrid Newkirk was recently interviewed on MSNBC to give her thoughts on the matter.

PETA had considered working with Vick after his prison release, but weren’t convinced Vick was truly a changed man.

During the video, Ingrid reminds everyone of the reasons why PETA couldn’t form a partnership, including the fact that “claw marks” were found on the pools where dogs were drown and Vick put “family pets” in the ring to fight with other dogs.

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One Response to “Michael Vick And PETA: Why The Deal Couldn’t Be Sealed (Video)”

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