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Brian Greene Uses Vegan Cheese To Explain His Theories

Written by Vegetarian Star on Friday, February 4th, 2011 in Food & Drink, Recipes, Research + Science.

Brian Greene
Theoretical physicist Brian Greene has been making the rounds in the pop culture world promoting his latest book, The Hidden Reality, which discusses the possibility of alternate universes and parallel dimensions.

Stephen Colbert recently took a jab at Greene and Taco Bell when he hosted Greene on “The Colbert Report” and asked him if there was a universe where Taco Bell actually served real beef.

Greene, a vegan, who’s also served as science consultant for Hollywood, used his vegan lifestyle to sarcastically respond to Colbert and now, he’s using non-dairy cheese to explain his theory of multiple universes.

Greene’s work is sometimes called string theory. Is this string cheese theory?


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Brian Greene

Brian Greene, a theoretical physicist best known for his work with string theory, was recently on “The Colbert Report” to discuss parallel universes. You know, the same stuff you spend hours talking about at the bars.

Greene has been a consultant on shows such as “3rd Rock From The Sun” to ensure Hollywood knows what it’s talking about when it incorporates scientific information in episodes.

Colbert pokes fun of the recent Taco Bell lawsuit over the beef content of its tacos saying, “Is there a universe where Taco Bell serves beef?”

Greene replies that as a vegan, he doesn’t even want to think about it.

Last we heard, Greene was still searching the universe for the ultimate vegan pizza.

The video is below.


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3rd Rock’s Nerd Consultant Brian Greene Searches For Perfect Vegan Pizza

Written by Vegetarian Star on Thursday, October 30th, 2008 in Authors, Food & Drink.

Brian Greene is a physicist and professor who was educated at Harvard and currently teaches at Columbia University where he studies how the universe works. The discipline he thinks rocks the most is “string theory,” also known as unified field theory. Don’t ask us how to explain it.

So why is he here on a celebrity site? Well, he’s become a celebrity in in own nerdy way, appearing on The David Letterman Show, Conan O’Brian, and has authored several books. He also kept the writers at 3rd Rock From The Sun from looking stupid when they incorporated science facts into episodes for the show.

Shortly after telling his mom he was going vegetarian, he went to the fridge to make a salami sandwich. Does this prove that science geniuses aren’t always that smart, ha, ha? Well, he was only nine years old, so give him a break. He chalks it up to his “city kid” awareness of things. (We think this means if it no longer looks like meat, it fools ya.)

“I became vegetarian when I was nine because my mother cooked spare ribs in a manner that made the connection to meat from an animal particularly clear. So at that point I said I’m never eating meat again and proceeded to go to the refrigerator and make a salami sandwich, because, a city kid, you know, what is meat? You don’t know what meat is, really. And my parents said, “Well, that salami is meat.”… But I did eat dairy for a while until I went to an animal sanctuary in Upstate New York and learned all sorts of things about the dairy industry, which, frankly, I was happy not to know. But once I did, I couldn’t go back. I’m still searching for the ultimate vegan pizza.”

If you’re interested in reading the rest of the interview, we can make that happen. If you’re interested in learning more about string theory-you’re on your own.

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Photo: Markus Poessel on Wikimedia Commons

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