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Best Vegetarian News Stories Of 2010

Written by Vegetarian Star on Friday, December 31st, 2010 in Animal Issues, Food & Drink.

Bill Clinton

Here are a few of the top vegetarian stories featuring the famous and those who rose to fame because of their stance on food, animals and the environment.

10. The Apprentice is vegetarian. Brandy Kuentzel ran an eco-friendly cupcake truck before she was hired as Trump’s leading business lady. She revealed to us during an interview that she’d love to host a show with her best friend about all things sustainable. That show can’t come soon enough as we need some anti Paula Deen sausage segments on daytime.

9. A vegan baker wins “Cupcake Wars.” Chloe Coscarelli showed the world vegan is tasty. Very tasty. She won the war on the Food Network with her recipes for Ginger Nutmeg Spice with Date Caramel Drizzle, Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake, Crème-filled Chocolate Orange with Candied Orange Peel, and Raspberry Tiramisu.

8. Bob Harper invites “The Biggest Loser” contestants in home for vegan meal. Yum. Everybody was a winner on that episode, including Harper’s fans, who could download the recipes from his website. Harper showed America one of the best ways to lose weight healthily without sacrificing good grub.


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Apline Skiing - Day 12

Bode Miller is an Olympic and World Championship Gold Medalist in alpine skiing who grew up a vegetarian on a small family farm of 450 acres of organic produce.

These days he runs his own organic farm Turtle Ridge much the same way–no pesticides and keeping the affairs among those closest to the farm.

Turtle Ridge, which has a variety of produce, including tomatoes and artichokes, does not sell to retailers, only locals.

Not only is buying local great for the farmer, it saves carbon emissions and usually results in a better tasting vegetable.

According to localharvest.org, most produce in the U.S. is picked 4-7 days before put on the grocery store shelves and travels an average of 1500 miles before it’s sold.

Makes straight from the garden and a 4 mile bike ride to pick up corn sound so much more refreshing!

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Seattle News - February 21, 2010

Growing up as a vegetarian, Olympic medalist Bode Miller and his family often took to the garden for their food needs.

“We grew our own produce.,” Bode said. “It was all organic.”

When Bode grew up, he continued the farmer’s tradition and bought an organic farm in New Hampshire

“I didn’t buy the place with the intention of making millions off it, I just like the idea of having a piece of land that is mine and that I can do whatever I want with as I grow older.”

Gorgeous red ripe tomatoes can be seen in the video below where Bode gives his thoughts about sustainable food and farming.

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