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Bollywood star John Abraham is set to produce a film on tiger preservation, according to One India Entertainment.

The movie, The Return of the Tiger, will be directed by Mike Pandey.

“I decided to produce the film because I truly believe tigers are one of the most magnificent creatures on this planet,” Abraham said. “And if we don’t take quick and immediate action to preserve them there will be no tigers left.”

Some experts estimate there are only about 4,000 tigers remaining in the wild, compared to 100,000 existing a century ago.

It’s no surprise that Abraham is so interested in wildlife preservation, given his history of commitment to animals.

A noted vegetarian, he’s was nominated for PETA’s Sexiest male vegetarian last year.

The Return of the Tiger is expected to be screened at film festivals and wildlife preservation summits.

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John Abraham, Corey Wills, Hot Green Male Environmentalists

Written by Vegetarian Star on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 in Actors, Bollywood, Environment-Eco-Green, Models.



Gotta love those Treehugger slide shows, from vegetarian male athletes to 7 Hot Green Male Models Who Are Also Environmentalists.

Vegetarian John Abraham made the cut.

John probably took his shirt off while working in the hot sun for Habitat For Humanity, a charity he’s offered his assistance to in the past.

Besides Bollywood babe John, there’s also Corey Wills, who was named one of the most fashionable male models by MTV, and posed in a vegetarian PSA with baby chickens titled “Chicks love a vegetarian.”

View John, Corey and the 5 other male environmentalist at treehugger.com.

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Voting’s Not Over: John Abraham Running For Sexiest

Written by Vegetarian Star on Friday, November 7th, 2008 in Actors, Bollywood.

Life In A Metro UK Film Premiere - Inside Arrivals

Just because the election is over, doesn’t mean you have to wait awhile to exercise your rights. Petadishoom, the youth Bollywood version of Peta, is holding it’s second annual Sexiest Vegetarian Contest.

Lots of hot Bollywood celebrities, like Mr. Abraham pictured here, are in the running, including Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Shahid Kapoor, R.Madhavan, and Mahima Chaudhary. There are even some Hollywood people running on the ballot, including Alicia Silverstone and soon to be singing star Joaquin Phoenix.

Last year, Kareena Kapoor and R.Madhavan got bragging rights. From the list above, they’re running again, but with all the drastic political upsets that took place in the U.S. on Tuesday, there’s no telling what could happen.

So do your duties. After you’ve finished salivating over the picture of John, of course. Need to have a clear mind before making important decisions.

via India Info

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