Quantcast Vegetarian StarJamie Oliver Makes Ice Cream Sundae With Bugs, Human Hair (Video)

Jamie Oliver

If more people had Jamie Oliver as their home ec teacher, there would definitely be a lot more vegetarians graduating from high school these days.

Back after the brief hiatus ABC forced upon him to make room for D-list celebrities trying to dance, Oliver took his Food Revolution mission to transform America’s eating habits to a classroom, showing kids what all those processed ingredients and preservatives you can’t pronounce really are.

Like bugs. And bird feathers. And for the cannibals, human hair.

The episode isn’t just a good lecture on not consuming what a fifth grader can’t pronounce, but also a reminder to vegetarians and vegans that some of those innocent, 7-syllable items in a seemingly flesh-free dish are anything but.

Ice cream sundaes were on the menu that day, so Oliver made one for the kids complete with live, creepy-crawly bugs (to give that delicious, glossy finish in the candy toppings by adding shellac–derived from the female lac bug), duck  feathers and human hair (for the L-cysteine dough conditioner).

“What’s interesting is this can be  made synthetically, but  it’s actually cheaper to use real, human hair,” Oliver explains, later sarcastically asking on camera, “Are you enjoying your sundae now?”

At the end of the experiment, Oliver opts to make his sundae with only ingredients he can pronounce. We think he’s convinced at least a handful of kids to do the same.

If there’s anyone left who hasn’t  yet come to appreciate Oliver’s candid style, this will be the episode to win them over. The fun starts around minute 26:00. Unfortunately, Oliver won’t always be  there to treat us all like children and remind us what we’re really eating. Thank goodness there are pocket versions of him available, listing every hidden animal ingredient you can think of.

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  1. herwin Says:

    kids should realise what they put in meat… DEAD ANIMALS !

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