Quantcast Vegetarian StarPerez Hilton Opposes Bills Banning Filming On Factory Farms (Video)

The Internet’s infamous nasty gossip blogger Perez Hilton is taking time off from his usual cattiness to say some really good things about what citizens in the U.S., especially those residing in states like Hilton’s birthplace in Florida, can do to help stop laws from passing that would make it illegal to film factory farm abuse while undercover.

Lawmakers in states like these have been influenced by officials in agriculture that are getting scared of what videos like the ones PETA and Mercy for Animals have routinely used to bring charges of animal cruelty against farm workers who blatantly violate animal welfare laws.

“Whether you’re a meat eater or a vegan, you can stand behind the humane treatment of animals in the meat trade,” Hilton says in the video. “There are now bills pending in several states–including Senate bill 1246 in my homestate of Florida, that would criminalize the filming of animals on factory farms. What are they trying to hide? Do these farms house famous animals like Miss Piggy and Babe and these laws just seek to protect them from the paparazzi?”

“I wish. What’s they’re really trying to hide are the routine violations of state and federal anti-cruelty laws that have been documented during undercover investigations by PETA and others in factory farms across the country.”

Several national mainstream publications have written editorials that oppose these bills, including the New York Times. A poll found that most citizens in Iowa, another state where such a law is being proposed, oppose criminalizing these investigations.

The full video of Hilton’s PSA can be viewed below.

Photo: PR Photos

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