Quantcast Vegetarian StarJanet Jackson Targeted At Concert By Anti-Fur Activists

Janet Jackson Targeted At Concert By Anti-Fur Activists

Written by Vegetarian Star on February 4th, 2011 in Animal Issues, Female Singers, Fur.

Janet Jackson

Animal rights activists in the Philippines staged a protest outside a Janet Jackson concert recently and also met with the singer’s representatives because she promotes fur through a series of advertisements for the label Blackglama.

The activists wore grim reaper costumes and carried placards reading phrases such as, “Janet: Animals suffer and die on fur farms,” “Janet: Fur is Dead,” and “Fur Shame.”

And yes, if you remember reading previous posts on Janet, she is a vegetarian who sometimes eats vegan and has also publicly gushed over how great vegan cookies, soy milk and faux chicken nuggets taste.

The irony.

The activists say the demand for fur contributes to loss of biodiversity and that the industry uses endangered species.

The Fur Information Council of America denies this as it addresses this question on their website.

“Endangered species are never used by the fur industry. In fact, the industry is a strong supporter of CITES and all laws protecting endangered species. Only abundant furbearing populations are used today.”

Some investigations have proven otherwise. In 2006, a wildlife crime unit in London seized several fur coats from a dealer that contained fur from several endangered animals, including leopard, ocelot and tiger.

Besides the threat to wildlife, the fur industry catches animals with painful traps and houses them in cages so small, they cannot perform natural behaviors and begin chewing on their own or other animals’ limbs as a result of the stress.

Investigations have also found fur farmed animals not receiving proper veterinary care when they are injured.

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2 Responses to “Janet Jackson Targeted At Concert By Anti-Fur Activists”

  1. Karina Says:

    Another pathetic celebrity who will do anything for publicity and money.

  2. Robin Says:

    This is just sad.
    Most celebrities just seem to be spineless prostitutes for money & fame.

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