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Norway Bans Fur During Oslo Fashion Week

Written by Vegetarian Star on December 13th, 2010 in Fashion, Fur.

Oslo Fashion Week

Norway has become the first country to ban the use of fur during its fashion week in February.

Oslo Fashion Week officials made the decision after numerous protests, including candlelit vigils by Norwegian animal rights group NOAH and collected signatures from those in the industry that refuse to work with fur, including designers, models and photographers.

Last year, the group Network for Animal Freedom uncovered investigations at several of Norway’s 330 fur farms which revealed animals not receiving proper veterinary care, even when those injuries were atrocious, such as loss of limb, tail and ear. This was one year after a similar report by the same animal rights group was released, alleging many of the same violations.

Animals kept in crowded, confinements used for fur farms like cages and traps will often become so stressed, they resort to chewing on their own or cage mate’s limbs as both a response to the stress or a futile attempt to escape.

Oslo Fashion Week is sure to be honored by animal activists around the world for being a pioneer to abolish cruelty during an event that sets worldwide trends in fashion.

Photo: gcardinal/Creative Commons

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3 Responses to “Norway Bans Fur During Oslo Fashion Week”

  1. Norway bans fur on the catwalk – all articles here! « Ā«USMINKETĀ» av Hilde Marstrander Says:

    […] VegetarianStar […]

  2. VGBIO Says:

    marvelous news!

  3. Dianne Rochenski Says:

    Only UGLY people wear fur. Whether UGLY on the inside, outside or both. Cheers to Norway, and all the beautiul models, industry people etc who have compassion and a heart and don’t put greed first.
    Dianne Rochenski

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