Quantcast Vegetarian StarSouth Park “Whale Whores” Dolphin Hunt “Whale Wars” Spoof

South Park will show an episode this week that highlights the Japanese dolphin Hunt in a satirical way.

Whale Whores will offer a twist on the Animal Planet television series Whale Wars, starring Stan and his family.

A synopsis:

“Stan and his family are spending his birthday at the Denver Aquarium where they will get to swim with the dolphins. Things turn bloody when the Japanese attack, kill all the dolphins and ruin Stan’s big day. There seems to be no end to the senseless killing. Stan takes on the cause to save the dolphins from the Japanese.”

Whale Whores is on Wednesday night on Comedy Central.

via Ecorazzi.com

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47 Responses to “South Park “Whale Whores” Dolphin Hunt “Whale Wars” Spoof”

  1. squrillyboy Says:

    Just saw this episode! So funny!

  2. opiatehead Says:

    hahahha i love how all the animal rights activist and like the fans of whale wars are talking about how awesome this episode ss gong to be.. well ive seen it andd it’s actually completely making fun of the show and how they really dont do shit to stop the whalers because theyre a bunch of “veagan pussy’s”.. so im sry to dissapont all of u who think south park is going prase whale wars and make fun of the japanese, its more of the other way around.. hilarious episode

  3. rosco Says:

    THEY nailed it. The captain of the ‘whale war’ ship is such a wuss.
    south park is great at spoofing these guys who are so over the top. Now they need to jump all over the ‘repo’ show. another fake ””””””””””’reality””””””””””””show.

  4. Diane Says:

    You commenters think you got the last laugh just because they make fun of the Sea Shepherd Crew, but they made the Japanese whaling look way worse than they made Sea Shepherd look, and um, did you see the end? In the end the Japanese are attacking cows and chickens the same way they attacked the whales and dolphins all through the episode, like a bunch of crazy nuts, and Stan’s dad congratulates him for making them “normal”. Obviously it looks cruel and insane, not normal, so clearly something is being said there. Also- The episode clearly does not defend whaling, but you seem to think it does and get a kick out of that- what you could possibly get out of whaling that makes you think it would be funny to believe somebody is defending it? Whale and dolphins are actually more intelligent than some humans, such as you, for example, and if you really enjoy them being attacked for no good reason, then if there’s any justice in the universe, some day you will experience that yourself so you can learn that you were wrong. How’s that for a vegan “pussy”, jerk?

  5. Brad Says:

    Would someone tell me how the show ended? My DVR stopped just before Stan showed the new picture.

  6. Pascal Says:

    They are now after cows and chickens 😉

  7. Bree Says:

    To the commenter that mocked this post because the whalers ended up killing the whales anyway-you are just showing how stupid you are.

    If you read the title correctly it says spoof, meaning they’re making fun of Whale Wars. We know it was designed to make AR look silly.

    Just shows you who really has a sense of humor.

  8. Bree Says:

    @ Brad–Here’s the full synopsis from tv.com including ending

    The Marsh family is at the Denver Aquarium, to swim with the dolphins for Stan’s birthday. Randy really wants to kiss a dolphin, but he doesn’t get a chance when a hoard of Japanese swarms in and kills all the dolphins. The same thing happens at the Atlanta Zoo, the Baltimore Aquarium and elsewhere to both dolphins and whales. Back at home Randy tries to explain to Stan what happened. At a Kansas City Chiefs versus the Miami Dolphins football game, the Japanese swarm in kill all the Miami players. The carnage is happening everywhere. Cartman, Kyle and Kenny are playing Rock Band when Stan comes in. He wants to do something about the problem, Kyle doesn’t think they can really do anything and Cartman lets him know that neither he nor Kenny want to help, because they don’t care. Stan is despondent, when Butters tells him about people that he’s seen on TV and they take volunteers. Stan decides that’s where he needs to be. He soon finds himself on board the Sea Shepherd joining the crew who appear on the reality show Whale Wars. When they come upon a Japanese boat that is hunting humpback whales, the crew tries to figure out what they are going to do. Stan wants to get hardcore, while the leader is only suggesting some douche bag maneuvers. The Japanese fire a harpoon into the leaders head; Stan takes measures into his own hands and fires a flare at the Japanese vessel, which is set on fire. With this new level of destruction Whale Wars gets better and the ratings skyrocket. On sea they destroy whaling vessels and on even on land they offer protection, such as revealing a replica of Godzilla on an oncoming swarm of Japanese. The Japanese government is very annoyed.

    On Larry King Live, Stan and his crew are interviewed. Larry seems only interested in asking him questions about making a hit TV show. Stan doesn’t care about that, he just wants to save the dolphins and whales. Larry and some guy talk about the show’s old format with the lying captain Paul Watson and his band vegan pussies. Annoyed, Stan leaves. Back at sea, Stan gets word there are some new volunteers that want to join the crew. They say they know Stan. Cartman and Kenny have come aboard, saying they’ve always liked dolphins and whales. Stan wants them to admit the only reason they are there is to get on TV. Kenny admits it, Cartman says he deserves it. The Japanese have been spotted near buoy 24. En route the ship gets rammed, but not by the Japanese, they been rammed by The Deadliest Catch, the crab fishing reality show. The crab fishing boat manages to stop the Sea Shepherd dead in the water. The crab fishing show is doing just fine, while the whale wars show appears to be over. Suddenly a sound is heard, the whales have come. The whales start taking out the crab fishing reality show. The Sea Shepherd starts celebrating, but it is short-lived as Kamikaze pilots start killing the whales and then destroy the Sea Shepherd. Stan, Cartman and Kenny are thrown overboard as the ship sinks. Then they are captured by the Japanese.

    The boys are taken to a Japanese prison. A Japanese official and Stan try to understand each other’s position on the topic. To explain their side, the official takes the boys to Hiroshima, and brings them through a museum about the atomic bombing of Japan in 1945. The official shows them a picture they were given by the US government, depicting the pilots of the Enola Gay was a dolphin and a whale. Stan is about to tell them the truth, when Cartman stops him, reminding Stan that they won’t rest until whoever did it is completely wiped out. Stan says he can make everything okay if he can make a call. He calls Kyle and has him doctor up a new photo of the Enola Gay being piloted by a chicken and a cow. All over the world chickens and cows are being mercilessly slaughtered by the Japanese, which Randy Marsh notes is “normal like us”.

  9. ken Says:

    It is amazing how the west deem the slaughtering of cows and chickens as normal, yet call those of us from the east barbaric for what is part of our culture and tradition. Personally the thought of whales being driven to the point of extinction is not something that sits well with me, but I cant help but feel offended if this one aspect of my heritage is no longer allowed because outsiders say it is wrong. My point is, I think it is wrong to force a whole culture to stop a practice, even if it one as bad as whaling. To some of us, it just looks like another version of western imperialism – the taking over of our mentality, to conform to yours, to do what is right in your eyes, not ours. It has to take time, and activists are not helping- its just aggravating. Who knows..maybe in the future we can do things more humanely, more ‘normal’. Like how some western companies “prepare” chicken.

  10. mike Says:

    ken: you’re an idiot.. chickens and cows are a bred, controlled population. dolphins and whales are not

  11. Will Says:

    I’m sure whaling wouldn’t be such a large issue, if most whales weren’t already endangered.

    The thing about chickens and cows is that they can be effectively farmed in captivity, while whales have to be caught in the wild which can be harmful to the environment.

  12. shaggy Says:

    This episode was right on, totally captured what douche bags those whale pussies are. Diane, go fuck yourself.

  13. Jon Says:

    Bahaha this episode was great and Diane you really made a fool of yourself there by not understanding this episode at all. You should take a crash course in sarcasm.

    I have always thought of SP to be hilarious but somehow always take serious issues and while making a joke of it, also show how ridiculous it is and to be honest if you understand their jokes then you will see a morale in almost all of their episodes.

    The ending to this episode was brilliant, it captured exactly the mentality of americans and western europeans quite brilliantly. These cultures and countries breed animals (cows,chickens,sheep etc. etc.) for the sole purpose of killing and eating them. Those animals dont even get to live in the wild, whereas countries who hunt whales do it for the food and because its a part of their culture. What is it that makes hunting sea creatures more inhumane than land creatures. There is nothing at all that does, its just ignorant people who like to rant about something and this is something they found to rant about.

    Yes, some species are in danger of extinction but what people seem to be too idiotic to know is that the species that are hunted by the Japanese, Icelandic, Greenlanders, North American natives etc. are not the ones in danger of extinction, at least not the ones in the vicinity of iceland and these whales for example pose a threat to fishery hotspots because they eat all the fish and drive them away. This is the circle of life, species hunt and eat other species to keep themselves satisfied and alive, we of course need to monitor ourselves but these ridiculous cries for a stop to whaling are stupid and ignorant and have no place in a community of intelligent people so please people out there with an interest in this. Actually study and gain some knowledge before you pick up those picket signs !!


  14. sanfrce Says:

    Hey Ken, take pride that the vegan pussy’s don’t take part in killing the cows and chickens. Yay!

  15. ann Says:

    I do not agree with the way people in the west treat most farmed animals and I chose to be vegetarian, with the aim of becoming vegan. I do not not think you can compare battery chickens to a whale or a dolphin, Some say we have reduced fish stocks world wide by 90%, how this can be compared to battery chickens is beyond me. If we continue to destroy the oceans at the rate we are going, we humans will not be able to survive. Just because some thing is a tradition does not mean it is good for the planet. We are in an evolving process and many cultures have had to drop traditions. For what reason do the Japanese think they are above change, we do not own the planet but are custodians. If the facts are that the killing of so many whales and marine life needs to stop wouldn’t it be better to let go of a tradition that is causing us as a species to destroy it?

  16. Ryan Says:

    Part of your “culture” and “tradition?” Don’t make me laugh. The modern, industrialized slaughter of whales performed by the Japanese fleet is anything but culturally or traditionally significant. In truth, commercialized whaling is exactly the offense you are accusing Sea Shepherd of – it is “western imperialism” imposing its beliefs and methods on Japan. The Japanese fishing villages who “traditionally” had killed whales (very few and only for sustenance) were the main opposition to commercialized whaling, because they believed it would promote indiscriminate killing of whales – which it does! Commercialized whaling was introduced to Japan by the United States after WWII when food was scarce and people were starving. It has nothing to do with Japanese tradition or culture and everything to do with western industrialization. “Traditionally” the Japanese who killed whales worshiped their spirits as gods, and would never have thought of them as a resource to be exploited as modern whalers do (regardless of race or nationality). THAT is the “western imperialism” you so fear, but like most people these days you are blind to it. The same has happened with some of the Makah tribe, who have tried to start killing whales again (after centuries of not doing so) simply because they want to (and because the Japanese government offered to buy any whales they killed) – and they use the false label of “tradition and culture” as you are attempting to. “Culture” and “tradition” are never a reasonable justification for doing anything, especially if that “thing” has no other justification and is, instead, destructive and immoral – such as whaling. Slavery is a perfect example. Labeling something as tradition and culture, when it is not, is even more offensive than if people were just truthful about it, and I’m growing sick of people, even Japanese people, who know nothing about history or the history of whaling. I for one don’t give a crap about what country you come from, what race you are, or what sex you are. All I care about is what you think and what actions you decide to take in life. This issue is not about Westerners against Japanese, it’s about environmentalists against exploiters and plunderers – it’s about challenging the institution of anthropocentric industrialism. The media, the governments, and small-minded people are only able to see the surface, and all their small minds can see is racism. There was a Chinese woman in the film “Sharkwater” who refused to allow shark fin soup to be served at her wedding because she had EDUCATED herself about the issue, and despite the very powerful social and “cultural” forces in her country she did what she knew to be right instead of what was expected of her. I have more respect for her than the entire Japanese government (the force behind commercialized whaling in Antarctica). Finally, killing cows and pigs is not “normal” – it’s simply out of sight, out of mind, and people have grown accustomed to it. That doesn’t mean it’s right or that it should be continued, the complete opposite in fact – and there are many great people and organizations struggling against this way of thinking (many/most of the Sea Shepherd crew I know are vegans and have participated in efforts to stop at least factory farming operations, if not meat consumption in general). Anyway… if anyone’s read this far good on ya, I’m done for now.

  17. Jon Says:

    I read it all and it was all a bunch of animal loving rubbish. I love animals but I am not ignorant to the fact that humans have been for thousands of years and will always be carnivores. It is natural to hunt and eat other animals to keep yourself alive, of course we have outgrown the normal ramifications and now instead of just hunters and gatherers we have a great deal of other occupations but nonetheless as long as the animal you are hunting isnt going extinct then I say go for it. People need food, there is food out in the world so go get it. You don’t run around Africa trying to stop Lions and Tigers from killing antelopes and other animals do you ? I didnt think so, so stop trying to make humans which are simply another species of animal stop hunting.

    Nay, to illogical and unsupervised killing of animals, but yay to everything else. Its in our nature so stop trying to make others adhere to your unusual ways.

  18. Mike Says:

    You know, it’s not often that the effects of Hiroshima are discussed. People are more versed in the Holocaust than they are in what happened in those bombings and its resulting aftermath. Stan clearly states that 98% of the world is against whaling, but we should let that final 2% have their fun. Especially since we DECIMATED their population and truly rammed our western ways down their throats. Think baseball was the Japanese national past-time before our servicemen hit their shores? I think not.

  19. Ryan Says:

    I don’t think the cow & chicken comparison has to do with whether the commercial practices and methods of their slaughter are on a level playing field with that of whales & dolphins.

    SP is asking why one species should enjoy a cultural bias in favor of its survival while another is routinely killed with far less public outcry and media attention.

    It’s like the idea of “dolphin-safe tuna.” Wtf is that? Picture in another scenario, something like “chicken-safe dog.” People would be outraged, because everyone knows that a dog is a privileged animal who’s life is worth far more than some random chicken.

    The actual moral truth, beyond cultural biases, is that one animal’s life is no different than another.

    So the idea is if, ethically/morally speaking, it’s a horrible atrocity to slaughter one species, then the same ethical code should apply universally to all species being routinely & commercially slaughtered.

  20. Ryan Says:

    BTW, this last comment is a different Ryan than the poster above.

  21. Andy Says:

    well said jon

  22. Lee Says:

    Although I do like SP quite a bit and I have no love for annoying hippie vegans, I’m afraid SP has once again made an argument based an ignorance. I say ignorance because it is completely idiotic to compare domesticated farm animals such as chickens and cows to dolphins and whales. Dolphins and whales are land mammals that returned to the sea, they are social animals with communication skills. Whales sing songs that have been handed down from generation to generation. These creatures are millions of years old. They can teach us about the evolution of communication and social interaction which is unique to mammals. Their mode of communication is very much unlike ours due to their environment. Studying them will help us learn more about ourselves but also about the nature in which intelligence arises through natural selection.

    You’d be an idiot to equate a human to a gibbon just because they’re both primates and you’re an idiot if you think all animals are the same.

    Ignorance is not a way of knowing things. I know its a comedy show and lighten up and all that bs but I think it’s really annoying to use common misconceptions and lack of knowledge as tool for comedy. I’ll still watch the show, I just want people to recognize that when you walk away from a show like this you have not learned something. If you want to learn something read a book.

  23. Lubanach Says:

    Diane, you obviously missed the point. Saying now the Japanese are “normal like us” is a defense of whaling. Essentially, that statement is expressing that each culture kills animals for food and other products, which is okay, and other cultures shouldn’t interfere. The fact that the Japanese whale, while Americans slaughter millions of cows, doesn’t make a difference. Both can do what they want for food and whatever. The South Park guys are more or less libertarians — let those who want to whale, whale, let those who want to eat rabbit food, eat rabbit food. They might make fun of you, but they won’t tell you to eat a cow to save a turnip.

  24. Lubanach Says:

    Nonetheless, I do agree that when whaling or whatever you’re doing may exinguish a species, then it has crossed the line.

  25. Sage Says:

    They are all animals, whether they die or not is not our problem,such is the way of life.

  26. Dennis Says:

    Jon, humans are not carnivores you moron, we are omnivores that can live perfectly without meat consumption. Your example of stopping lions and tigers from killing is stupid because that is their only source of energy whereas humans have options. Also its not our nature to hunt, its our nature to obtain food in general.

  27. Dennis Says:

    Mike, why do you say those final 2% should have their fun? Just because USA bombed them and that gives them to right to illegally kill whales? and to say it decimated their population does not justify what they are doing now. There were reasons for bombing japan, but whales were never the enemy of anyone.

  28. Ben Says:

    To the person saying defending the whale show, what ever its called and saying that South park targets the Japanese more, well, yes, but thats just as a joke south park just making alot of fun at someone or group. But all the stuff about the pussy whale war people thats also a joke, but its where the real and deeper message lies, not the obvious one that Japanese kill whales.

  29. diana2 Says:

    diana dont be such a whining little whore bitch god your annoying.

  30. Diana (douche) Says:

    I am such a vegan pussy with no sense of humor

  31. Benigans Says:

    I personally thought that this episode was hilarious but Paul Watson is in a tough situation. If the SS and its crew actually fight off these boats, they’re eco-terrorists and there brought down to the same level as the Japanese who are killing the whales. And if they aren’t tough they get classified as “pussies.” Other than that pretty funny.

  32. Robert Says:

    First of all… I won’t bother scrollin to search for the person who made the comment of lions and tigers etc… being an exception to other mammals who “have to eat meat” to survive… perfect example is Little Tyke.. and no im not a religous zealot but in the article certain religious matters are referenced concerning this tiger….

    “As the proud owner of several cats over the years, I can honestly say I have never observed them refusing meat when it was offered to them. But that was exactly the “attitude” of a lioness by the name of Little Tyke.1 She refused to eat meat and was fed solely a diet of various grains, milk, and eggs. While we might be tempted to consider this lion a freak of nature, what can this vegetarian cat show us about biblical truths?”

    “Little Tyke’s aversion to eating meat was reflected in her relationships with other animals housed at the ranch where she lived. She apparently got along well with kittens, chickens, lambs, and fawns. There is even a compelling photograph taken of Little Tyke lying down with one her “friends,” a lamb named Becky.1 This stirring photo is a vivid portrayal of Isaiah 11:6 (NKJV), “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.” Little Tyke is not only a reminder of what the original, perfect, “very good” (Genesis 1:31) creation was like, but also what it will be again someday (Revelation 21:4).”

  33. Robert Says:

    and whoever said it… i love the line about “we wouldn’t say to you eat a cow to save a turnip”

  34. Robert Says:

    and contrary to what people “read, hear, think” but don’t “research”… all of the great whales are NOT endangered…

    “The minke whale, currently the most commonly hunted whale, is not considered “endangered” or even “threatened” according the IUCN, the recognized authority in classifying endangered species. If anyone should know this it’s Paul Watson.”

  35. Ryan Says:

    (I’m the original Ryan)
    So much ignorance:

    First Jon:
    Again, as someone already pointed out, humans are NOT carnivores. Like ALL great apes (Orangutans, Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and Humans) we are herbivore-heavy omnivores (we are NOT like bears, who are true omnivores). Gorillas seem to be vegans in fact, orangutans and chimps have a less than 10% meat diet which is almost entirely insects (some Chimp tribes have displayed cannibalism – as have humans, but “flesh” comprises usually only 1% of their diet, almost nothing). On average, humans have probably evolved eating less than a 10% meat diet. The overwhelming balance of our evolutionary food source is plant matter. In current society our diets are over-stuffed with meat (most Americans eat at least one kind of meat with every meal, if not more), and this is the main reason we have so many health-related issues with our diets: obesity, heart disease, cancer, etc. At most humans should probably be eating meat no more than once or twice a month, but a vegan diet is plenty to survive on, and vegans live longer and healthier than meat eating humans. Again, we are NOT carnivores (who get almost all their food in meat form). Try doing some actual research before you post more nonsense.

    Minke (Piked) whales are often not considered “great” whales due to their smaller size, and were not hunted during the height of commercial whaling because of this – they weren’t considered profitable enough to go after. Whether or not you do classify them as such, they are the only “great” whale that is not endangered. No one really knows how many there are left so perhaps they should be listed as endangered (estimates are not accurate and are the subject of much debate). What we do know is that there is absolutely no justification for killing them. Even if no whales were endangered, how would this justify killing them? And trust me, Watson knows far more than you on any and all of these issues. He has never claimed or labeled Piked Whales as endangered, he only refers to the Japanese targets of Fin and Humpbacks as endangered, which they are.

    Finally on this nonsense about Hiroshima – a few facts about WWII: The firebombings of Tokyo killed more people than either atomic bomb. Also, the Japanese military raped, murdered and plundered their way across China, culminating in the “Rape of Nanking (or Nanjing) – look it up. This, also, was after an over 100 year occupation of Korea. This is largely why there is still so much animosity between the peoples of China/Korea and Japan. To be clear, I’m not justifying the use of atomic weapons, but I find it inane and ignorant to focus so predominantly on the atomic bombs of World War II. They are the logical result of what war breeds – they are simply another symptom and effect of what war is. It’s fine to demonize them, but at the same time remember that it is truly war that you should be demonizing overall. And the Japanese committed just as many atrocities and killed just as many people (if not more) than the United States did. This shouldn’t be about pointing fingers, or even who the perceived “victim” or “aggressor” was (because both were) – it should be about the realization that war is inherently wrong and immoral and should not be continued. And I include our present “wars” in that as well.

  36. Ryan Says:

    On a personal note about the episode itself, I found about half the jokes regarding the crew and Paul funny, the rest just stupid and pointless (which is often the case with South Park). They did not portray Paul very realistically at all, and that may, in fact, be part of their joke – you never know with these guys.

    What is evident is that if you accept their label of “pussy vegans” you then agree with the stance that what SSCS should be doing is killing the whalers and sinking their ships at sea. Perhaps this is what Parker and Stone seriously meant, but I doubt it. To me it was making fun of people who accuse SSCS of being “terrorists” and “fanatics.” There are a lot of people out there who criticize SSCS for putting “lives at stake” and demonize them for this. To me Stone/Parker’s label of “pussy vegans” made fun of these people more than anything – showing what the real “violence” would be, and what true fanatics would be willing to do in their disrespect and disregard for life.

    Since sanctity of life is what we are advocating for and the entire point of stopping the whale slaughter it would be hypocritical to hurt or kill the whalers. That’s why only damage to their equipment is ever considered, never damage to their crew (despite the fact that they are torturing and massacring the whales). Call me crazy, but that was my take. I rarely agree with Parker/Stone, but I do find them amusing most of the time, and they do like to turn people’s mindsets on themselves, which is of course the point at the end with the cows and chickens (which, of course, isn’t targeted at vegetarians/vegans).

    Ultimately I don’t take them very seriously – who would?

  37. Justin Says:

    To Ryan ^^^

    I dunno man. I think Matt and Tres reaallly just don’t like Paul Watson, or w/e his name is. How many times did they call him out, put his photo up on the big screen, and say “Look at this douche… he is in fact, a douche”. I do not think they are defending the SSCS crew at all, in fact they are calling the, stupid and pointless, and if they really wanted to do something about whaling… they wouldnt be carrying around a camera, so they actually COULD do something. They are just showing that they are not really there to help whales, but to make a “Hit Show” to make MONEY. There’s my 2 cents…

  38. Ryan Says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they are “defending” SSCS – rather just making fun of everyone, as they always do. The jabs at Watson were simple, surface insults that were very brief and shallow – and ultimately pointless.

    As for “making a show” and “actually doing something” – Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson have been sailing the seas now for over 30 years. And he’s been doing it without the television show – in fact, he’s kept his ships afloat and fighting whaling with almost no fundraising budget of any kind for most of these years. I am thrilled and extremely pleased that Animal Planet decided to do the show, because for the first time SSCS actually has real money coming in and tons of support.

    And through all these years Paul and SSCS have saved the lives of countless sea animals, including whales. Until last year, no whale had ever been killed in front of SSCS – because when they show up the whalers are too busy dealing with them to kill whales. Our most powerful weapon is the camera, but unlike Greenpeace we don’t just sit back and film the encounter, or hang banners. We directly interfere with their operations and save the lives of whales, and we do so without hurting anyone.

    Suggesting we are there to make money is so laughably offensive that I can’t take it seriously and thus am not offended – all you are deserving of is mockery and laughter. SSCS does not exist because of the television show Whale Wars – Whale Wars exists because of SSCS. In that sense it is almost unique in the realm of “reality television.” Whale Wars is much more a documentary than it is reality TV.

    Animal Planet may be there to make money, but Paul and SSCS are there to save lives. And they will continue doing so. Accusations and insults from internet trolls are the least of their concern – SSCS crew has faced down armed sealers and riotous mobs. They won’t be stopped or intimidated by insults or stupid television comedy shows.

    Maybe someday more militant organizations will start killing humans who thoughtlessly exploit and plunder the worlds life forms and resources. I dread such a day and the worry of that is one of the reasons I continue to fight non-violently for these issues. To me, such violence is ultimately self-destructive and immoral, even if the humans doing the plundering are, themselves, self-destructive and immoral…

  39. Joel Says:

    i think it is funny how people try to be intelligent by posting comments on a satirical tv show with “facts” they look up on the internet to try to make some sort of point.

    This show is not trying to change the way any culture lives their lives. They are simply expressing there opinions and trying to make people laugh.


  40. Venge Says:

    South Park is not defending animal rights and I pity the people who think they’re critizing the Japanese. They are saying in the end of the episode that who are we to tell others what animals are right and wrong to eat. This is shown by them stating that now that they are slaughtering cows and chickens that they now are participating in the accepted form of animal slaughter. And for you “vegan pussies” In my view Humans must eat some form of life like it or not. Whether it be animals or plants it is in a sense alive. Misanthropy.

  41. Ryan Says:

    Um… wow.

    So now we have someone (Venge) who doesn’t seem to understand what veganism is. If South Park really is having some profound message (yeah right) at the end then how is it applicable to vegans?

    Of course humans have to consume life to survive. This is not disputed or misunderstood (except, perhaps, by people like you). But plants don’t have central nervous systems, or brains, or blood. And we don’t torture and slaughter plants in huge, industrialized concentration camps.

    O, and being against the Japanese whaling is not “telling others how to live,” and I’m sick of that ridiculous argument. You may as well say we can’t prosecute criminals and murderers because we are infringing on their “way of life.”

    We aren’t going to Japan and throwing their people in prison and taking away their freedom of religion or their human rights or anything similar. We are intervening in an illegal, commercial, industrial enterprise thousands of miles from Japanese territory in an Australian international whale sanctuary, and the Japanese are targeting/killing endangered species.

    Elephant poachers in Africa are shot and killed. I don’t see you people protesting that. All we do is throw rotten butter at these poachers, and ya’ll are losing your minds over it. If the Japanese were actually doing what they are depicted as doing in the cartoon (killing marine mammals in Sea World) ya’ll would demand blood. The sad truth is that many of the animals held captive in marine parks are there because of whale/dolphin slaughter campaigns the Japanese run. Watch the documentary “The Cove” for more on that…

  42. Colejk Says:

    oh the Hyprocrisy!
    Remember the great plains of bison roaming the wild wild west anyone? killed to the pont of extinction for what? to wipe out the native american indians.
    Also, it was the US who encouraged whaling in Japan after WWII as a cheap source of protein and now they want it to stop. It was the British who started the opium trade in China and now they expect countries like Afghanistan to stop. You reap what you sow.

    When it comes to exploitation and hyprocrisy, Anglo-Americans take the cake.
    Remember, as JC so eloquently put it, “let him who hath not sinned cast the 1st stone!”

    But seriously let’s all get our priorities straight here and take care of our own species 1st eh?

  43. TG Says:

    Japan is way ahead of time throwing questions to co-existing with the nature. If any of you have seen Hayao Miyazaki’s film you know. Lohas life, macrobiotic.. etc, “eco” culture is boom in Japan now. I am from Japan and living away from Japan for the last 11 years but I think their point of view is based on post-modern cultural idea on diversities. U.S. president of Obama only recently mentioned something about admitting diversity, Japan has that for a long time.

    Never grew up watching American black-and-white, good guy wins bad guy loses type of hero comics but how can some of you are still not tired of such over simplified ideas of everything? Anime like South Park is an American treasure in that sense.

    Whatever for or against to the whale hunting, at least Japanese don’t make films to criticize someone else’s culture, hate people for their traditions, try stopping it or changing it!!

  44. TG Says:

    Btw has anyone heard Hundi criticizing eating beef or Muslims bashing Americans for eating pork?

  45. da box Says:

    You people are looking into this way too deeply. That episode was well funny, hell I know a vegan pussy that thought it was hilarious….. Matt and Trey I salute you once again

  46. passingby Says:


    your argument for japan isn’t new.

    people like you like to talk about japanese culture but you know absolutely nothing about their real whaling and eating culture!
    i am including the southpark’s conclusion at the end when it talk about we kill chicken and cow.

    yes, japanese has whaling culture
    But, it didn’t start the large scale hunting “in Antarctica” until after WWII
    and it use tools imported from norway back then.
    now it still use tools and hunting methods “westhern style”
    they are not using anything related to their own hunting ground and traditional technic/method.

    yes, japanese has whale eatting culture.
    But, the meat became widely eaten and popular only after the occupy of american on the islands.
    before that, the meat was only eaten by very rich samuri family or in some small fisherman village. it had never been a popular dish and it has never been a national dish.

    you want to talk about japanese culture? then study more before talk.

  47. Tanner Says:

    …if the Japanese like to play baseball, let them and stop bitching about American imperialism. Jesus Christ…

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