Quantcast Vegetarian StarEllen And Portia To Receive Wyler Award By Humane Society

Ellen And Portia To Receive Wyler Award By Humane Society

Written by Vegetarian Star on February 13th, 2009 in Actresses, Animal Issues, TV Hosts.

35th Annual People's Choice Awards - Backstage

Quite possibly Hollywood’s newest vegan couple, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi will be honored for their efforts to improve care for animals at the Humane Society’s Genesis Awards next month.

The Wyler Award, named after the late Genesis Award founder, Gretchen Wyler, is given to celebrities or other public figures who have made the most noise in standing up for the better treatment of animals.

Looks like they’ve made the right choice. Where do we start?

Portia and Ellen both became vegans this year, saying no to every animal product, whether flesh or a byproduct. They both were active in getting the word out on Prop 2, the measure which passed in California to allow certain farm animals to move around freely.

They even share their lifestyle with people who are fortunate enough to be in their presence. The wedding reception menu was completely vegan. Ellen has given out vegan items quite a few times on her television show.

Wow. That’s a lot of hard work, guys. Have a cold one on us. You deserve it!

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4 Responses to “Ellen And Portia To Receive Wyler Award By Humane Society”

  1. Vegetarian Star » Blog Archive » Ellen DeGeneres: Cover Girl For Animal Testing? Says:

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  3. Nancy C. Billings Says:

    Dear ALL, my friend Brinda has researched & discovered that Ellen Degenares endorses CRUELTY TO ANIMALS COVER GIRL!!

    NOT a TRUE Vegan if she cares more about money than Boycotting and staying AWAY from companies that CRUELY test on and torture animals ~ SHAME on you Ellen !!!!! I liked you so much as an activist and a person until I heard this ~ It just Defeats all she stood for !!!!!!

    Adding to Brinda’s research below, i found this pathetic info on vegetarianstar.com dated 16/2/09. This has gone on for too long!!!

    “Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi will be honored by the Humane Society next month for their love of animals, so it’s both ironic and disappointing that it’s been brought to our attention that vegan Ellen is the Cover gal for Cover Girl cosmetics, a company that still tests on animals. Even more ironic, the ads featuring Ellen will debut around the time she is given her award!”

    Please send this message far & wide, if anyone has a Face Book account please post it, or do you have any other ideas?

    with Love, Sioux

    Original Message:
    A very important message I’m sorry if I sent you this again because I’m not sure whom I sent it all to before? But it does bare repeating. You know that long list our dear friend Sioux D. sent to us with products that are tested on animals? The main one I’m pointing out is “COVER GIRL” I’m upset because of Ellen De Generes being a celeb who endorces “COVER GIRL” even still now that it is public news.

    She was someone I looked up to a great deal she has been through alot being gay and coming out when and how she did and in public, and didn’t work for awhile. She is supposed to be a animal activist and makes her own animal food. She is a vegan, but she still endorses COVER GIRL on tv and magazines. If we know animals are being tortured by the Cover Girl company then she should as well, you’d think, RIGHT?

    Anyway I need my friends here at Care2 Share to help spread the word and possible write Ellen De Denereses show. I have posted the info several times and have been ignored at her Face Book and at her Ellentv.com her adresses are easy to find but she’s not easy to reach. I have a profile at her Ellentv.com an old one from when I thought she was good peeps. But I’m boycotting her now! So I’m no stranger in her world although she has many fans. But those people should know of the cruelty going on with out animals. Many, many of these people are lovers of animals if you view her pages. Please help me spread the message

    Being a voice for out voiceless our animal friends!

    Thanks, Sincerely, Brinda

  4. Vegetarian Star Says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Someone actually left a comment on here to highlight that Cover Girl no longer tests on animals, according to its website.


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