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Justin Bieber Not Happy About New Vegan Diet

Written by Vegetarian Star on Thursday, September 27th, 2012 in Food & Drink, Male Singers, Not So Vegetarian.


Justin Bieber was urged by fellow R&B singer Usher to adopt a vegan diet.

It appears that Bieber conceded, but is playing passive-aggressive about it and grossing everyone out at the same time.

Instead of letting everyone know how delicious his tofu stir-fry and seitan burger are, Bieber has repeatedly made vomit noises when his food arrives and can’t find anything nice to say about it.


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Justin Bieber Urged By Usher To Go Vegan

Written by Vegetarian Star on Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 in Food & Drink, Male Singers.

Justin Bieber

Usher is giving some advice to Justin Bieber as one successful R & B act to another.

He thinks it’s time for the teenage crooner to adopt a plant-based diet and go vegan.

“He’s desperate to get Bieber on the same health kick he is and thinks with all the touring and busy schedule he has, it would keep him energised,” a source said.

“Usher is really close to Bieber so he’s pushing the importance of eating healthy on him and it’s something he takes really serious.”


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Usher Takes Son For Vegan Food Outing

Written by Vegetarian Star on Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 in Celebrity Sightings, Food & Drink, Male Singers, Restaurants.


Who says moms are the ones that teach kids about eating their fruits and veggies?

Grammy award-winning singer Usher was spotted in LA grabbing a bite to eat with his son Usher Raymond V at vegan restaurant Real Food Daily.


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PETA To Usher Raymond–Stop Buying Fur

Written by Vegetarian Star on Monday, January 18th, 2010 in Fur, Male Singers.

2009 Clinton Global Initiative - Clinton Global Citizen Awards

Say Yeah! but not to real fur.

Usher Raymond claims his prized fur coats were stolen from his SUV last month while he and a friend were shopping in Atlanta, Georgia, according to SF Gate.

Why anyone would want to steal anything so ugly is still in question, but People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had a representative write to Usher, asking him not to bother replacing them.

After all, Usher stole them from someone else.

“When it comes to these coats, you’re not the first victim. The animals who were beaten, electrocuted, or drowned for those coats – the original owners – are the real victims. Please pledge to be fur-free.”

Not to mention the publicity opportunity. Lots of people would love to see Usher naked in an anti-fur ad.

“You would be in great company! Other compassionate folks who refuse to wear real fur include Eva Mendes, Charlize Theron, Michelle Obama… and Nia Long, just to name a few. We’d be thrilled to add your name to the list.”

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