Quantcast Vegetarian Star“My Cat From Hell” Jackson Galaxy With Humane Society (Video)

Jackson Galaxy, host from My Cat from Hell, interviewed with Wayne Pacelle, President of the the Humane Society of the United States, during its Animal Care Expo

Jackson’s job is to tame the most shrewdest of felines on the Animal Planet series. He goes into homes that some humans wouldn’t dare go near because of the unruly and sometimes vicious cats that live inside.

Jackson and Pacelle discuss the impact of cats on households across America, including the problems Jackson solves on a regular basis on his show.

“Even in the traditional humane community, we haven’t focused enough energy on keeping cats in the home,” Pacelle said.

“I’m not the first person to do my job. There have been people before me. But in terms of a bigger audience, in terms of the greater world saying, “What a minute. You can work with cats?”

Pacelle and Jackson talk more about working with cats through problems like litter box, aggression and other issues in the interview.

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