Quantcast Vegetarian StarChristian Serratos Asks Electric Car Drivers To Go Vegetarian In PETA Ad

Christian Serratos

Christian Serratos wants to remind green drivers that the fuel they put in their bodies benefits the planet just as much as what they put into their vehicles.

The Walking Dead actress is featured on an advertisement by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that will be placed at electric car charging stations.

The ads, which will be up by Earth Day, have the following message on them:

“Producing two strips of bacon generates three times the amount of greenhouse gases that driving 1 mile in a Prius does. Save the world—go vegan.”

“Environmentalists who have switched to all-electric cars may be shocked to discover that the hybrids they deemed not ‘green’ enough are still far ‘greener’ than bacon,” Serratos says. “PETA’s message for Earth Day and every day is that the most effective way to help the environment — and animals — is to go vegetarian.”

According to the Worldwatch Institute, animal agriculture accounts for at least half of global greenhouse-gas emissions.

To learn about how meat consumption affects the environment and find out which celebrities like Serratos are making a difference, visit Look to the Stars.

Photo: Toglenn/Creative Commons

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