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Worst Vegetarian Stories Of 2012

Written by Vegetarian Star on December 31st, 2012 in Food & Drink, Not So Vegetarian.

Bloomberg Nathan's Contest

2012 had some great moments for vegetarians and vegans.

And some not so great ones.

Here are Vegetarian Star‘s top Not So Vegetarian stories of celebrities and people in the news that have turned heads, offended and or just looked a little ridiculous.

#5. Mayor Bloomberg Washes Down Wieners Without Soda.
NYC’s mayor attended a competitive overeating contest (also known as hot dog eating contest) where the winners consumed dozens of processed, chemical filled animal wieners. He also ate one himself. Thank goodness he found time to attend this in the midst of his campaign to limit soda consumption to curb obesity. Because soda is the only real evil in making people fat. Not 60 hot dogs.

#4 Conan Whips Out His Wiener.
Not exactly indecent exposure, but the World’s Largest Chicago-Style hot dog does expose one to an increased risk of diabetes and cancer.

#3 Pastor Rick Warren Condemns The Vegetarian Wrap, Praises The Bacon One.
“Real men don’t wraps,” said the famous preacher known for offending several groups that now includes vegetarians and vegans. But the sin is forgiven if the wrap contains bacon. Nonsense! Even the most puritanical Christian is always welcomed at the Church of Seitan.

#2 Former alleged vegetarian Good Charlotte brother stars in KFC ad.
Joel claims he never was one. Benji said he used to be. Both made vegetarian wraps for Denny’s a couple of years ago. Now they’re singingĀ The Anthem for tortured and cooked birds.

#1 Forbes Says Meat Eaters Don’t Want Vegetarian Lovers.
Although vegetarians and vegans are willing to lock lips after their carnivorous amours have eaten turkey, the feeling isn’t mutual. PETA always said vegetarians have better sex. Maybe they have it even better with a vegetarian partner.

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