Quantcast Vegetarian StarForbes Says Meat Eaters Don’t Want Vegetarian Lovers


Who says the vegetarians and vegans are self-righteous?

Forbes cites a survey among vegetarians and meat eaters that proves plant eaters are much more open to lip lock with a carnivore than vice versa.

The study, conducted by Today.com, polled 4,000 members of online dating site Match.com between the ages of 18 and 75 (yes, grandpa still gets the ladies) about what they’re looking for in a partner when it comes to diet.

“We learn a lot about someone by observing their attitude about food…[and] we use that to judge how a date might be in a relationship.” said Vidya Rao, TODAY.com Food Editor.

Today.com learned that while 96% of vegetarians are willing to date an omnivore, 30% of omnivores said they would not consider dating a vegetarian or vegan.

Is it Jack’s fear of being fed granola crusted tofu by his sweetheart every night? Or a lecture on the number of animals Jill kills every year because of her McBurger habit? Who knows.

Cupid struck veggies, while it may be hurtful at first to know the handsome cattle rancher would choose some heifer over you, take comfort in knowing there are several online dating services just for vegetarians and vegans where the chance for rejection is much lower than the cholesterol level of the meat-eater that stood you up.

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3 Responses to “Forbes Says Meat Eaters Don’t Want Vegetarian Lovers”

  1. 30 Percent of Omnivores Wouldn't Date a Vegetarian | Ecorazzi Says:

    […] Via Vegetarian Star […]

  2. Jirina Says:

    I have been happily married to a vegetarian man for almost 6 years. He was vegan when we met, but compromised on eating eggs and fish for me. My husband is even open to cook meat and chicken for me at home occasionally, but mostly I eat meat when we go out. Works just fine. More complicated is the fact that I am dairy and gluten free, and even that has gotten so much easier with all the new products out there. More important things in life than food.

  3. Sahil Says:

    It’s really a difficult subject. I’m a hardcore carnivore while my girlfriend happens to be vegetarian (she eats eggs though not much of a concession!). While I don’t like to impose my views on her, at times I feel she isn’t eating healthy as I don’t consider vegetarianism healthy in any way! You can’t help who you fall in love with but I hope it never turns out to be a choice between eating meat and her. I love both equally enough. Well, her maybe even more than the food but I’m still not willing to give up on meat. I can’t live without meat. Whether it be in the form of chicken, pork, lamb, goat, mutton, fish, seafood. A plate of salad looks like a feast for the gazelles and antelopes but I need the aroma of meat to feel satisfied with dinner. Well, if I had one word of advice, vegetarians and meat-eaters should really TRY and fall in love with members of their own dietary community. Otherwise, it’s going to be an agonizing time for both. Food is a common medium for lovers to express their admiration of each other. When you don’t respect each other for their choice of food, it does take a toll on the relationship. Me and my girlfriend are trying to keep it strong but our differences over food and her almost militant dislike of meat means we rarely ever eat on the same table!

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