Quantcast Vegetarian StarGinnifer Goodwin Ate Meatloaf, Burgers After Quitting Vegan Diet (Video)

Ginnifer Goodwin "VegNews"

When we first brought you the news of Ginnifer Goodwin turning her back on veganism, it wasn’t the worst day in the world, as she professed to use humane eggs and still appeared to be vegetarian.

However, after viewing the footage from her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, it appears the former VegNews cover girl–to put it in the words of a hit movie she starred in–is just not that into vegetarianism either.

Goodwin confessed to Kimmel to not just eating eggs, but animal flesh–meatloaf, burgers and salmon.

She may be doing some sort of “vegetarian in the home outside of the home screw it” move, as Goodwin told Kimmel “my house is humane. That makes me feel less hypocritical”

In 2009, she was the ambassador for turkeys. In 2011…we hope she won’t turn into a Gwyneth Paltrow during Thanksgiving.

The video of Ginnifer on Kimmel can be viewed below.

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16 Responses to “Ginnifer Goodwin Ate Meatloaf, Burgers After Quitting Vegan Diet (Video)”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    Great. Another one bites the dust 🙁

  2. Kat Says:

    I don’t want to judge the girl, but boo. Seriously. If you don’t want to be vegan or vegetarian any longer, that’s cool. But her and Natalie Portman going out there and making statements like this not only make the cause look ridiculous. Ginnifer is even worse though, by insulting the people who applauded her and backed her up so much. Laughing it off and making jokes like that makes me lose any respect I had for her.
    It’s your life, do what you want, but don’t be a total b**ch about it. I think Jimmy Kimmel is just bitter because his vegetarian ex, Sarah Silverman, left him.

  3. Alexis Says:

    This video makes me sick to my stomach. It’s one thing to introduce cruelty-free egg and dairy products into a mostly “vegan” diet, but another to announce having made a meatloaf with bacon moments after stating “my house is humane.” She simultaneously makes herself look a fool while completely disrespecting a cruelty-free lifestyle. Atrocious.

  4. herwin Says:

    classic VN cover ! faky vegan girl in a mag with faky vegan meat pics ! 😛

  5. Kimberly Says:

    She is so full of it with her “health” problems crap. There are no health problems that you cannot address with proper nutrition within a vegan or vegetarian diet. She needs to be straight up and just admit she couldn’t hack it anymore. What I have an even bigger problem with is omni’s backing her up b/c it justifies their lifestyle.

  6. Mike The American Says:

    I am so glad to hear Ginnifer went back to eating meat. Now maybe she’ll gain a little bit of weight and get some meat back on her bones.

  7. Marissa Says:

    I lost any respect I had for her. She has the right to make her own choices even though sadly they harm other living things now but to talk about in the way she did is horrible. Major hypocrite!!

  8. Marissa Says:

    And to Mike the American says…..Why the hell are you on a vegetarian website!?

  9. Kurly Says:

    You can choose an unhealthy lifestyle if you want, but don’t get upset when us meat eaters are laughing at you. 🙂

  10. Kurly Says:

    Does anyone know where vitamin A comes from? Everything I read says it comes from animals only. Even the supliments say “extracted from animal protien”. Isn’t there some form of plant based vitamin A, I don’t like the word extracted.

  11. say Says:

    ok. let the girl be. if she’s sick with the vegan diet, let her eat whatever she wants. No need to tell her that she lost all the credibility and respect she deserve. Don’t be so judgmental. I mean being vegan does not mean you are not a cruel person… well, maybe not to animals at least, but how about to humans? It’s her body, and after all, who can say no to meatloaf with bacon? Come on guys!

  12. Lily T Says:

    Kurly, you’re an uninformed twit. You can get vitamin A from a variety of vegetarian sources. Cantaloupe, spinach and carrots just for starters.

    And rest assured that when you die of cancer, complications from diabetes or obesity or cardiovascular disease brought on by your rampant meat consumption, we’ll be laughing at you… 😀

  13. Andrea Says:

    @Kurly: Vitamin A can be made by your own body out of carotenes (also provitamin A), which are in vegetables. So no need to eat or extract animals!

  14. Caroline Says:

    @ Kurly who seems to be asking a very pertinent question…beta-carotene is found in veggies. However Vitamin A that our body uses is only found in animal products. Yes we are able to convert betacarotene to a usable form but only in small amounts and thats if our digestive system is healthy enough to do this. Grains in particular can interrupt this process greatly (especially gluten). I was a vegan(raw at times), then vegetarian, then ultimately started eating grassfed humanely raised meat, eggs from my own backyard. No dairy other than pastured ghee. Now my nutritional panel cholesterol, inflammation markers are in perfect order. I struggled with eating meat a lot but after diving even deeper into studies of nutrition it all clicked for me. Veganism is not an end to animal suffering. Accepting death as a part of life is. Being respectful and grateful of your food whether it comes from plant or animal(both arguably sentient beings) is what is most important. The acres of corn, wheat, and soy are doing far more harm to the environment than raising grassfed animals. In the planting and harvesting or these crops, many animals die, theirs homes are decimated. We can live in a world where we can be maximally healthy and treat animals humanely while preserving species. The idea is to live with nature as a part of nature and accept that death and nourishment from the smallest bacteria in the soil to the largest bison to ourselves are all “food” at some point. It is beautiful and tragic and this is the experience of life. Embrace it and set yourself free and be healthy at the same time. There are some wonderful articles on letthemeatmeat.com and through google written by ex-vegans, as to why they believe eating meat can be more beneficial to animals than not. This post in no way is referring to our current system of factory farms and SAD way of eating. It is about eating consciously & loving it.

  15. homer Says:

    Dear Caroline,
    You are the kind of person I hate most in the world.

  16. Audrey Says:

    The amount of cereals used to feed animals that get killed for meat is much greater than those eaten by vegetarians or vegans. Production of meat also requires a really huge amount of water, and is responsible for many environment damages because of the aberration of intensive transport (not even to mention the freaky conditions for animals of these transports). So it’s your choice whether to eat meat again or not, but there’s no point telling it’s better for the environment, because obviously it isn’t.

    Too bad for Ginny… I was actually pleased to see that she was aware of and sensible to animal suffering. But I’ll nevertheless keep watching OuaT ^^

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