Quantcast Vegetarian Star“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” Cancelled

A recent Harris poll found that although most Americans are aware of what it takes to eat better, they aren’t interested in doing it. If the Americans polled are anything like ABC viewers, the results are right on target. ABC has cancelled Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution series for low ratings.

This year’s premiere averaged 40% less viewers than last season.

The network will air the four remaining episodes of Food Revolution beginning Friday, June 3 at 9 p.m. The final episodes were pulled from their original Tuesday slot because ABC felt the Dancing With The Stars Recap show was a better fit for the hour.

During the show, Oliver tried to convince children and their parents to eat healthier. He educated on what goes into processed meats, the amount of sugar children consume and even made an advancement in the LA school system this season when it was announced flavored milks will probably be pulled from the cafeterias because they can contain as much sugar as a can of soda.

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49 Responses to ““Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” Cancelled”

  1. Brynn Johnson Says:

    This makes me so sad. This country needs a huge change. I whole heartedly believe in Jamie Oliver’s mission. Hopefully he won’t stop just because it will no longer be televised.

  2. val wykle Says:


  3. Ernest & Jacquelyn Romero Says:

    We as a Family were extremely impressed with the goal of Jamie Oliver and hope that Jamie will continue his efforts in the US.Obesity is such a critical problem, even though most Americans would rather stick their heads in the sand and ignore this problem. KEEP ON Jamie!!!We hope you continue to succeed!!!

  4. Haydn Says:

    Two episodes on a different night with little publicity and they expected it not to drop in numbers? Heck I only found out it was on while goign through Hulu and by that time they’d stopped showing it.
    I just hope someone like the Food Network or similar will pick this up instead, just another reason why I dont watch the networks 99% of the time.

  5. Silvia Says:

    What a shame that this show has been cancelled! Is that how we care for our children?

  6. Emery Skolfield Says:

    I love this program, but the promotion for the show this season was awful. ABC may have been on the front end of a movement, but, I fear, it may very well have missed a potentially very valuable branding opportunity-a decision they may ultimately regret.

    Regarding the show, I’ve been looking and waiting impatiently for the next episode for so long now. I cannot wait until the final four episodes are aired in June. I watch it with my kids, and they are on salad and all kinds of healthy stuff now. For this, I am pleased.

    Jamie, keep it up, my man. You rock!

  7. Szephyr Says:

    It’s okay, we’d rather our children be weak and brittle so when we get invaded by China, they can easily overtake us. It’s cool though, I’ll have my dog protec…oh wait, I fed it food from China because I didn’t have a choice in the monopoly of today’s society and of course, it died, shame. WHEW, glad I can rely on my 6 slices of pizza, 3 bags chips, and 2-liter of soda to get me through the day; MMM, good eatin’.

  8. Penny Wash Says:

    Man this is really sad, I am not even American I’m Irish but I watch this show online. This show amongst half of the other bullshit that is aired on tv is at least one that can teach people a valuable lesson-YOU ARE WATCH U EAT, may that be a dirty chicken carcass turn chicken nugget, it teaches people to value themselves more along with their children. I am a trainee chef and Jamie Oliver is one of my biggest hero’s, the man is not alone compassionate about good food but probably more compassionate about the lively hood of your children than you are.Giving children bad food as a cheap an easy option may seem harmless but you are setting them up to feel like crap because from eating these foods thats all you will feel, along with long term diseases which follow to a short term life, to day to day bullying in school for being overweight. Why is this the best option??

  9. Kay Alcorn Says:

    His show being cancelled isn’t about ratings at all. He has exposed the food industry’s dirty money making scams and the network I’m guessing has caved into the industry. The power is in the corporations and the food industry with all it’s “feeder”, excuse the pun, companies just out powered the network. Hopefully America will finally wake up and see how much the big corporations and the government cares about it citizens. It’s kind of amazing that the school board works for us, yet we allow them to make decisions that are detrimental to all of us. This is one sad, sad country.

  10. Ben Says:

    Outside of the poor promotion, not sure it would have been successful anyway. People aren’t interested in being criticized. They want to see people that are like them and celebrate how great they are. That’s why they would rather watch a giant obese woman learn to dance less than incompetently than hear about the crap they are feeding their children.

  11. Eric Visintainer Says:

    If there is nothing to be afraid of why not to stream as many episodes as Jamie Oliver needs to turn around and convince at least half of the LAUSD board, so he can finally begin what he came here for.
    As a fever consumer of ABC shows I would like to be heard likewise the people who have spent time writing in the comments above–and below, which I am sure will be.

  12. Thomas Adolphes Alexander Hamilton James Fitzgerald Tibbetts Junior Says:

    Mr. Oliver is a person that cares about the health of todays youth. It’s sad that a Brit has too come over here and try and change the attitude of our societies poor eating habits. We complain about the high costs of health care but do not have the guts to do anything about it. This Patras character is a prime example of the way our society thinks. “This is the way it has been, so why change it?” With that type of attitude I have no sympathy for any and all diabetics or obese people in our society. Mr. Oliver, I say to you, you did your best. I truly hope that one of the food networks pick up your program. Keep up the good fight. God Bless you.

  13. Christina Says:

    This is BS! I think this shows that ABC is more interested in supporting the food giants rather than caring for the health of our kids. The milk industry is probably losing money because they no longer can sell as much flavored milk, milk shakes, and crap that does not belong in schools. I tend to believe that trying to put a lid on what Jamie has started will backfire on the greedy. I hope it’s a blessing in disguise and that Jamie will have even more support from now on and even greater things will come out of this.

  14. Sad Day Says:

    This is a bad news! It is a great message from a guy that really cares about people. I know shows are for ratings and money, but this is/was a great, and timely message for our country.

    I hope he finds another home for this show or another like it.

    Thanks Jamie!

  15. Dm3281 Says:

    ABC is ridiculous when it comes to new shows. How can 2 episodes reflect how the show will turn out? The rating system sucks and should be based on a vote!

  16. RHadley Says:

    Jamie is an amazing man and I can’t believe that, as a mother, more people weren’t standing up for their children. My girls automatically go for the veggies and fresh fruits for their snacks and my husband and I are trying to raise them right. I want them to be healthy and able to take on the world! There are enought detrimental issues going on, they shouldn’t have to worry about the food they put in their mouths. My father fought in WWII to give us freedom in this country, why can’t we have the freedom to provide healthy food for our children? He would be so ashamed if he were still alive…. I’m sorry Dad.

  17. herwin Says:

    UPDATER : ABC didn’t cancel the show after all. Seems like it was a PR stunt of ABC to make Jamie’s show more controvrersial looking and get more viewers.
    Jamie wants flavored milk banned.. ? big deal. milk altogether should be banned than i would be more positive about the show.

  18. J Rickard Says:

    If ever there was proof that the mercantile, bottom-line only mindset is bad for socitiey this is it. Assuming this really is just a ratings only decision, it begs the question: why the hell does everything depend on how much advertizers will pay for someting. Money does not equal value.
    This is possibly the best show I’ve ever seen on TV because it clearly shows the hurdles faced by anyone trying to improve the human condition.

  19. Raymond Li Says:

    Jamie is an amazing guy. I really hope that the network will keep the show running until he can achieve the mission. Although I am not from USA, I truely feel for the kids who are suffering without have a chance to fight back. Thank you Jamie to let the whole world to understand the harsh reailty.
    I am from Hong Kong and studying in Australia. We have very similar problems in both countries. I hope Jamie hard work can spread throughtout the world eventually. KEEP IT UP JAMIE

  20. Tammy Says:

    The unfortunate part of all of this is that ABC really doesn’t want any of this to come to the public’s attention. It was a public relations attempt to say, “hey, there’s an obesety problem in the country…” but no attempt to solve it. Jamie Oliver offers a solution, but ABC won’t give him or his production company an opportunity to do the right thing for our children. ABC offers lip service, not solutions. Jamie’s solutions can’t be solved in a 60 minute episode, so it doesn’t fit w/programming. He doesn’t show how to lose 100 pounds in 3 weeks, it doesn’t fix food/drug/weight/sex/etc additions in 58 minutes.

    Jamie, don’t know if this would fit with your solution-based programming, but maybe the OWN network is a better fit for the tremendous good you are trying to do. Keep it up! So many people are counting on your expertise, knowledge, and passion! Fight the good fight!

  21. Paul Ananberg Says:

    Boycott ABC!!! This is a travesty. How could 2 episodes be a determining factor. They must have had sponsor reprisal. It’s like canceling Supersize Me. Too many people in the USA care… give it up. Too many people know someone with a food borne health problem or can see one coming on. High fructose corn syrup is in everything, even coffee! How can you escape diabetes?

  22. Annie Says:

    What a shame! Really can’t believe that in America, the country I love, is so unwilling to change and let the voices of their citizens be heard. Yes, Jamie Oliver is a great driver of the force, but as you can see he is not the only one. I hope we keep fighting to change the way we eat and feed our kids better, not only that we teach the to eat better. Explain what happens when you eat like crap, there are true consequences to the way we eat. We need to teach them. Parents are not off the hook here for letting their kids eat this way, and talking them out so often. We can do better! Jamie, don’t give up!

  23. Will Says:

    I don’t think technically been cancelled yet, they just moved it to a different time. The outlook doesn’t look good, but there’s still hope.

  24. Nomah Says:

    If this show had been on NBC or CBS, it probably would not have been cancelled. ABC is notorious for canceling good shows. I am pretty much feed up with ABC.
    Hopefully another station will be smart & pick up this show. Jamie Oliver is gracious enough to try to help save our children and we slap him down? Ridiculous.

  25. april Says:

    NO!!! Bring Jamie Back!! For once someone is doing something positive with TV media.

  26. Melvin Says:

    I just wish his website would have links to his other cooking shows.. I miss them from when I had an ‘actual’ TV, and could watch them when they were on cable. I cut the cable TV (NO broadcast stations are available in the part of Hawaii where I live) in the budget crunch, but you know, I wouldn’t mind paying a nominal fee to be able to watch shows I selected. Thanks for Hulu, but hey, maybe license more of the shows or maybe make them available for ‘renting’… If you can rent a DVD in the machines for a buck, why can’t we ‘RENT’ the shows we really want to watch online for a buck too?

  27. Jessica Hoisington Says:

    I have been TV Free for years, infact, I don’t even own a tV. However, I heard about this show and have gone out of my way to see it online and via amazon. I don’t even watch TV and I want to see this show!


  28. Kawna and Paul Harder Says:

    How horribly sad! We just got hooked on Jamie this season. We looked forward to his show every week and now he is going to be gone! His show helped me and my family eat better. We enjoyed his attitude and humor. So his show did not have good enough ratings for ABC; many factors could be the cause of that. Poor advertising as well as fast food giants putting pressure on ABC could also play a huge factor. ABC has cancelled so many great shows I can’t even name them all. Finally an educational, entertaining reality program that shows that school lunches can be healthy, part of the curriculum, as well as taste good. We were wondering what Jamie was going to tackle this year. We want his show back! Hopefully another network will pick it up!

  29. jedhfgdfkj Says:

    What shows won’t ABC cancel? Detroit 1-8-7, now the food revolution. America is just too fat to realize this. Food revolution has inspired me to pack my own, healthy lunches to school. Hopefully this show will be televised sometime else on a different network. I know a lot of people won’t be reading this, however, I just wanted my voice to be heard and that he gave me a new perspective about HEALTHY food. I will no longer be eating school lunch. It is S***.

  30. Chrystal Says:

    I can’t believe this. Like so many have said, finally a positive, educational TV show and it’s canceled. Jamie has inspired so many, including my family. We already eat pretty healthy, but this has shown my children why it’s important. It also inspires me to share this love of good healthy food with others, like Jamie does. Thank you Jamie for caring. BRING JAMIE BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jessica Says:

    American public should feel embarrassed to realize that Jamie, an OUTSIDER, was more concerned about this country’s children than how they were.

    While everyone blamed MacDonald, KFC, TacoBell, and all the other PRIVATE companies for American obesity, we were so blind sighted about the same crap (possibly worse) were fed to children in PUBLIC SCHOOL!

    We are what we eat, and American children deserve better than dog shit for their daily lunch meals.

  32. Carmen school nutrition asst Says:

    I am so pleased to know that Jamie stirred things up in the school cafeteria kitchens in the SoCal public school dist. YEAH to Jamie…for removing flavored milk out of the schools. It is a start. So let us begin to continue the food revolution on Jaime’s behalf of America’s future our children.

  33. Michelle Williamson Says:

    I REALLY want Jamie Oliver to be able to get to the root of the problem of child related food diseases. My daughter has consumed milk her whole life, many glasses a day. At the age of 10 she developed a dairy allergy (casein and whey) that led to colitis. My daughter does NOT deserve to have a life of pain because the farmers want their cows bigger or pumped full of hormones to produce more milk. WE NEED Jamie Oliver to uncover the difference btwn organic farmers and every day farmers. WE need to see hwat these farmers are doing to our food that makes so many children sick with diseases and allergies to our food.

  34. cafeteria lady Says:

    I’ve worked in two school districts in the cafeteria. Everything in schools are polictical including school lunches. The government gives food and money for the lunches. The Board of Ed may or may not hire a company to operate the cafeteria,(menu and employees). The Board of Ed and the company they hire are always wanting to improve their bottom line without loosing their government aid. In college the companies were to enter “sealed bids” but the college I attended let it leak it was already fixed on which company it was to be prior to the bids, (totally illegal).
    The children in elementary and high school are like sheep. They are hungry and will eat anything..I am appalled at what we serve and I will not eat it. It’s not fair or accurate to blame the children as to what they will or will not eat as the determining factor as to what is offered. The government has eliminated fried foods and soda. At one school they cut the pizza into 6 slices to meet nutritional requirements but at the other school they serve 8 slices from the same size pie. So who monitors this?
    Big companies along with FDA has ruined our food supply as we know USDA meats are banned in other countries. I was just starting to follow J.O. but it was not publicize well as someone previously stated. At the school I know we offer Gatorade and yet I’ve a newspaper clipping that says This should not be allowed because the electrolytes.
    The government pays the school the difference (whether it is a free or reduced lunch or bought at a student or teacher price) to $4.00 per lunch. This lunch includes an entree,(used loosely), a canned vegetable,(usually green beans or tomato sauce), a fruit and goverment milk. Water, snapple and gatorade costs more than the supermarket. This is a little restaurant but it’s patrons are prisoners like in a correctional institute. We might be better off following an example made by hospitals. But I think Jamie is offering twofold solution addressing bith cost and health and all his resistance is from the greedy powers that be. Green Giant sponsored his contest and more companies should show support.
    I know some Yes government issued food put a lot of weight on my friend at a correctional institute that but I wonder how hospital food would compare since

  35. shannon stewart Says:

    cancelled because it was pushed out. NO publicity, NO network support. COMPLETELY SHAMEFUL…..oh, but let’s put another creepy version of bachelor or something…..great idea. I am a former production person, and now teach in Urban public schools and Jamie Oliver had the BEST concept I’ve seen to help elevate kids to healthy bodies and healthy brains while being entertaining. SHAME ON YOU ABC FOR CAVING!!!!!

  36. Rebecca Forcht Says:

    I agree the publicity for this show was minimal and it’s a shame to cancel it. I loved the first season, but found it hard to watch the 2nd season…for one I never saw it’s time advertised. This country needs to wake up and start paying attention. Jaimie Oliver was on the right track…too bad most people are to stupid to recognize that there’s a problem and too lazy to do anything about it!

  37. Denny Says:

    This makes me angry and sad, the series was incredibly good, and the world needs such a person as Jamie Oliver, to overcome the enormous problems facing the world and all its children.
    ABC stinks!


  38. Nina Ebert Says:

    I LOVED JAMIE OLIVER’S FOOD REVOVLUTION!! The show and Jamie were smart and well-intended. The “powers that be” thought Dancing with the Idiots was more important than learning how to eat right? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m 57, I exercise and eat right, and I still remember Jamie’s exercise that taught kids that the highest caloric food equated to increased exercise. He constantly made vivid points without the boring details. Bring back Jamie and his lovely family. The show was great!!!

  39. Todd Williams Says:

    How does someone like Jamie win the TED prize for excellence then end up at a dead end in American television. The message was always on target, the conflict with LAUSD was typical to the battle ahead for all American families. We hope another network picks up the show – it will be a winner!

  40. Sarah Grijalva Says:

    They should have never done that. I learned so much from this show than i ever had from Dancing With The Stars. That should Cancelled not Food Revolution. As a mother I’m more interested in what’s being served in my children’s school than I am about who dances better, an once famous kid pop singer or a person that is only famous because their family has money…so lame…..

  41. DrRobert Says:

    I am betting that low ratings was not the reason. I have a feeling that advertising revenue dollars was probably a bigger influencing factor. Musn’t lose those precious millions by pissing off the likes of Coca Cola, Kellogs and Kraft .

  42. Mike Says:

    The American establishment is run by the military now, and they have a vested scientific interest in keeping the citizens at large sick, dying early, wasting their money on pharmaceuticals, drugged, both legal and street, ignorant, weak, and dumbed down in every way possible without them realising where it’s really coming from. Then they blame the “American way of life”. It’s really the “RAND corporation” way of life that they have. If you want to know what America is supposed to be, google Ron Paul and the Revolution. The reason that the media doesn’t promote what Jamie is doing is because it’s counterproductive to the establishments goals. All the major media is scripted by the Pentagon anyway, including the NYT, and all the TV channels.

  43. Liam Says:

    To the poster above …Mike you’re ABSOLUTELY correct.

  44. rick Says:

    This show needs to be brought back by abc or another network. This is a true reality show that is trying to make a difference in society. Pink Slime is still a subject that made a major impact on the food industry and the health of people. A petition should be started. Power of the vegetarians!!!

  45. Dan Says:

    I was beginning to like this show. Jamie Oliver is an amazing guy! A hero chef! I wish they can bring back the show again.

  46. alex Says:


  47. Jim from Napa Says:

    Jamie is awesome;

    Glad he helped get flavored milks out of schools. Sick of parents and teachers saying kids won’t eat vegetables, fruits and well made food. They love it if it’s cooked right!

    8 years ago I cooked for all school because I didn’t like the way our players were eating at the high school. Had a fajita bar, stir fry, and yogurt parfaits and the kids gobbled it up.

    Adults need to wake up and get back to being mentors instead of buddies. They are kids and they need direction. Awesome Job!!!’

    And how ridiculous for you 2 elitist vegans to rip on Jamie and parents for letting their kids drink low fat milk. How arrogant is that.

  48. Kora Says:

    This show is the best thing on television, but it is not at all surprising that it was cancelled. Jamie went head to head with the processed food industry of America that absolutely depends on making American children fat and unhealthy.

    How he managed to ever get on the air with his message is really the amazing part. ABC caved to their advertisers because they probably had no choice, or thought they had no choice. In the meantime, Americans and the rest of the world are being brainwashed by these enormous food conglomerates to believe that they don’t know how to prepare meals and it’s easier and faster to go through the drive-thru. The food industry also controls government through their lobby groups, so it is absolutely a vicious cycle.

    But like everything in capitalism, the industry is extremely short-sighted. They have to realize they are killing off their customers. Jamie is not telling people not to eat fast food, in fact he says this is part of the solution. Just make it healthier so people don’t die 20 or 30 years before they have to, or get diabetes as a child.

    I was amazed to see such a show on television, and I commend Jamie Oliver for being a lone voice in the wilderness trying to wake people up from their denial. And it’s not just America who is killing their children — it is worldwide. You should see the lineups in The Sri Lankan capital of Colombo when there is an all-you-can-eat buffet at an American pizza place. Countries like this that have never seen childhood obesity are seeing it for the first time.

    I lived in the Arabian Gulf for six years, and the rates of obesity are even higher there than America. In Qatar you can find a hospital that does gastric bypass for 8 year olds …true story.

    We don’t need to worry about Iran having nuclear weapons …we will kill ourselves with food long before anybody blows up anybody else.

  49. Renee Rogers Says:

    So sad. I really like the show. It has opened a persons eyes to really see what the companies put in the food before it gets to the stores.

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