Quantcast Vegetarian StarJamie Oliver On “The Daily Show” With Jon Stewart (Video)

Jamie Oliver made an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart where he discussed the decision of the Los Angeles County Unified School District to lock him out of the school system when he requested access to the cafeterias to teach kids to eat healthier for the second season of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Stewart joked, “It may be the only reality show not being shot in the L.A. school district.”

Actually, according to Oliver, it wasn’t a unified decision at all. It was basically one man–the superintentent–who locked the doors on Oliver, as he soon learned after receiving tons of support from teachers, principles and other school officials and people in the community.

Oliver, the classy British gentleman he is, responds to this notion.

“I think basically they don’t want me washing their dirty laundry in public. Which is fine if you own the company. But I’m a bit of a believer than when it’s public money and public service and your taxes pay for it, then maybe transparency is quite a good thing in a democracy.”

Season two of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution premieres next week on April 12 on ABC.

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